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  • I often sit down to do homework, then notice my mind jumping from one thing to the next and I am unable to get started. Once I realize this, I go vape some cbd isolate and then can focus easily for 1-2 hrs without break.

  • I was initially interested for chronic pain relief. I started with vaping, and then bought a tincture. I find that while it doesn’t touch the pain, it does help with my anxiety and restlessness. I take the tincture in the morning, and it keeps me relaxed and focused. When I leave work, I use my vape pen. I wish it did help with the pain, but I will say that it keeps me from being tense, which keeps the pain from escalating. The anxiety relief alone will keep me using it.

  • I use CBD & hemp because I can’t get marijuana & because THC makes me anxious. It’s a good anxiety remedy & sleep aid but overall it’s just a fun supplement to take. At first, I found that it worsened my migraines noticeably, but over time they’ve nearly disappeared altogether. I didn’t even realize I hadn’t had a migraine in so long until I stopped smoking hemp for a few weeks because of an anticipated drug test, then they started creeping back. It’s the longest I’d gone without a migraine since I started having them.

    I have chronic migraines (15 days per month) that started around age 31 as menstrual migraines & just got worse from there. Most were mild to moderate & could be controlled with Midol, but when it’s happening every day it starts to wear on you. The cognitive impairment is as bad as the pain. I also take Topiramate 100mg, but I’d taken it for about 2 years previously & it never helped at all. So I doubt it suddenly started working. For now I’m crediting CBD with the improvement since nothing else has changed in my daily life.

    Forms I use: CBD isolate/terpsolate (vaped); flower (smoked); liquid (oral/sublingual). No idea what doses I use, but I usually take at least one dose daily.

  • I (M 23) started vaping CBD about a week ago to address my anxiety and depression that I had previously taken a variety of pills for. I also have chronic back pain and muscle spams.

    I am definitely more relaxed and calm, and my anxiety doesn’t flare up as dramatically. I’ve always been pretty low-energy and the CBD exasperates that, but I’m not so drowsy that it impacts my ability to go to work.

    I initially thought that the CBD would be the miracle answer to my problems. It hasn’t made my aches and pains go away, BUT the calming of my anxiety has helped me make other healthy changes (like regular stretching, instead of just stressing about my back hurting). I know that I would have more profound results with MMJ, but for now, I’m happy for something to take the edge off.

  • I have a lot of energy and have been physically active with sports and fitness. I have done my damage to ligaments, muscles, and to the lower spine. I’ve been a backseat passenger in a drunk car crash that busted my left shoulder. I have aches and pains everyday that make it hard to move even, hard to get out of the bed and I am only in my 20’s.

    I put a lot of stress on myself ” I am a hard self-critic” which causes my anxiety. I have never felt relief until I tried CBD- It helped my aches from acute muscle spasms in my lower back and keeps me feeling relieved.

  • It takes you back, and gives you a vibe from a much simpler time. I vape CBD at night, wake up the next day, and I can tell I have gotten a much deeper sleep. Hope this helps.

  • I take the 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD because I’m in severe pain. I get mine at (Plz delete if I’m not supposed to post links). I usually vape mine but holding it under your tounge works. Takes longer to take affect imo.

  • Stress free, anxiety free. It makes me myself again before the pain, and i like happy, joking around me.

    Edit: Helps w/ my neuropathy pain.

  • My depression has given me a severe case of anhedonia.

    Started taking CBD oil and after 10 days I realized I had begun to enjoy certain things in my life again.

    It’s not a ‘cure’ – but there’s something to this powerful little ingredient and the evidence should no longer be ignored.

    • CBD is definitely not a cure, but it does help. It’s easy to add to your daily routine and works almost immediately. Happy healing, keep us in the loop on your progress!

  • When I first started I used a low level full spectrum product and I noticed ‘some’ relief. I (not understanding the difference in Full Spectrum and an Isolate) purchased a produce that was two times stronger than the first company. That product was an Isolate. Since this stuff is expensive, for my third purchase, I searched for a high potency product so the med would go further to save some money on my purchase. I purchased a high potency full spectrum.

    I noticed differences within the use of these products.

    I experienced that full spectrum products were not as effective as the isolate I used. I know that everyone is saying the opposite but I found the Isolate (for me) as best.

    The Isolate gave me the ability to breath deeper thus giving my body more oxygen. Since I suffer from late stages of COPD breathing relief was my greatest concern. Since my body is receiving more oxygen my body is responding better and my thinking is no longer muddled. I became happy but suspect that world of happiness was founded on the idea I was finally feeling better than before and I was elated at that prospect. I gained more energy but forgot my muscles had depleted from non use. I did feel an extra strain on my muscles because the first day of use I pushed them far further than any other time for many years. And yet, I felt happy. I did have a bit of difficulty with sleeping as the energy from the increased oxygen was not conductive to drowsiness. Although I could still feel pain, the pain was not sharp.

    Because I thought I could eliminate additional amounts of pain, I bought the Full Spectrum high potency product. I was disappointed in it as it had many effects I did not like.

    The Full Spectrum tastes really bad ! Getting beyond that problem I found that my breathing was difficult again and that when I would say something I would pause because a word seemed to be not available at that very moment. I had to think about it to come up with the forgotten word. This let me know that my thinking was getting foggy. I suspect it’s related to the produce not dealing with deeper breathing. I did not notice any change in my muscle pains as I did using the Isolate. I felt very little relief in pains. I did notice the Full Spectrum was making me drowsy (the way marijuana does with that laid back feeling, just not as strong) I paid a lot of money for that bottle and I planned on using it until it was gone no matter what it helped or didn’t help. For my husband usage, the full spectrum allowed his muscle cramps to begin again. With the Isolate those cramps disappeared.

    We both have switched to the Isolate and all the relief came back. I breathed better, my legs did not hurt as much, and I felt happier again.

    Perhaps the two different types of CBD can levitate different types of conditions? And perhaps feeling more positive comes from feeling better physically? It probably depends on the individual but in my case Full Spectrum acted differently than an Isolate.

    • I’m a big fan of full spectrum and pure isolate products. The reason why this response is so great is because people need to hear from users that CBD is all about you. You need to find what works for you. This is an amazing response and thank you so much for contributing your CBD knowledge.

      I also experienced the ability to breath deeper from an isolate.

  • Literally just tried it for the first time about half an hour ago. I smoked a pipe of pure Hemp Flower (18% CBD), Just a modest amount and my first impression is nothing earth-shattering, no obvious “wow” effect or feeling, but my head is definitely a little clearer. My brain is usually so busy and it seems to have slowed down a bit and it feels like my thoughts have more room, which is pretty good tbh.

    • I love CBD flowers. CBD is not earth-shattering, but it does help. Great breakdown of the effects. Let us know how it goes!

  • I take it as a pain reliever and digestive distress reliever. I was sick for years and the doctors kept blowing me off saying I just had IBS, was a hypochondriac, etc. Finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder last year after I paid a naturopath to help me.

    • CBD is great for your digestive system. NCBI and other medical sites strongly recommend CBD for digestive ailments.

  • Using it to help with a taper off of Xanax, along with some other natural goodies. It allowed me to delay my first dose of the day by hours. I plan to add to those hours daily.

    • This is great feedback. We love to hear when people get off SSRIs for CBD. Good luck! Keep us updated.