The word is out that people like CBD. The word is also out, however, that people don’t know a lot about CBD.

As a result, many hemp brands have thrived when they shouldn’t have. As long as a CBD brand has a nice website and posts lab reports, consumers are surprisingly trusting with their business.

When you’re immersed in the CBD industry every day like we are, you learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff. The hard truth is that not all hemp brands are made equal.

In fact, most of them are pretty bad.

We tested over 200 CBD brands

We’ve now tested products from more than 200 CBD brands. Yes, there are that many CBD brands, and no, we haven’t tried anywhere near all of them.

Using ourselves as guinea pigs, we’ve slathered ourselves with CBD “miracle creams,” swallowed endless “pain tinctures,” and tried “nano encapsulated” or “ultra-bioavailable” CBD capsules.

We’re all about transparency at Best Dosage. That’s why we have no choice but to tell you that the vast majority of CBD products are 80% hype and 20% cannabidiol.

Secret Nature and Endoca are rare exceptions

Among the more than 200 CBD brands we’ve tested, only two have earned our enduring respect. There are plenty of brands we’re willing to cautiously trust, but Secret Nature and Endoca stand alone as CBD brands with enough credibility to deserve our direct recommendation.

Both brands appear to have harnessed the timeless success formula of delivering the greatest value in the simplest way. Consumers, wholesalers, and every other component of the retail economy will gravitate to the players who offer the genuine article without any mind games.

Secret Nature flower is great for mixing CBD and THC

Many THC users recognize the benefits of CBD. The only problem is that veteran cannabis smokers are more astute than CBD newbies. They’re better at recognizing the scams that are rampant within the CBD industry.

Jaded THC users sometimes give up on sourcing CBD altogether. Medical and recreational state producers often fail to deliver consistent products, and the online CBD market is such a circus that it’s hard to navigate.

Secret Nature products make it easy to combine CBD with your THC routine. The CBD buds Secret Nature produces are the hemp twins of the types of cannabis nugs you can find on the top one or two shelves of your local dispensary’s flower section.

They pair well with your favorite THC nugs. Simply choose a ratio you like, grind up a little bit of both CBD and THC flower, combine the ground-up nugs, and enjoy the resulting mixture using your favorite cannabis incineration or vaporization implement.

Secret Nature’s nugs are also great on their own. It’s just worth emphasizing how perfectly Secret Nature fills the CBD void that can be so persistently annoying to habitual THC users.

Secret Nature Highlights

  • Indoor-grown CBD flower
  • Organic, pesticide-free
  • Grown in hermetically sealed environments
  • Cryogenically cured for maximum terpene retention
  • Hand-trimmed and manicured
  • Average flower CBD concentrations of 15-25%
  • Pre-rolls and live resin strain-mimic vapes are also available

Endoca produces a solid hemp topical

The CBD topical industry is especially rife with junk. It’s surprisingly hard to stabilize a water-based topical formula, and almost every CBD lotion, cream, and serum are filled with artificial stabilizers and preservatives.

Oil-based CBD salves and balms are a little bit better, but then it’s all up to the brand and the ingredients that they use. No strangers to occasional aches and pains, we’re always looking for CBD pain-relief topicals that actually work.

After much searching, we finally found Endoca’s topical line. An up-and-coming CBD brand, Endoca is distinguished by its unusual focus on raw CBD concentrates.

You can buy a syringe of raw hemp oil from Endoca with 2000-3000mg CBD. Endoca uses this same extract in its other products and steers away from unnecessary ingredients almost religiously.

This brand’s oil-based salve is impressive. Endoca’s body butter is also great since it’s a cream but it only contains a handful of ingredients.

Endoca Highlights 

  • High-quality, full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp extract
  • Impressively simple and effective topicals
  • Quantity discounts, rewards program, price relief program
  • No frills, no-nonsense
  • Just high-quality ingredients and genuine value

Our criteria for excellence

We’re on the consumer’s side. CBD brands are some of our greatest allies, but we want to keep them accountable by always promoting consumer welfare first.

As a result, the criteria by which we judge CBD brands are unusually exacting. Some of the things we want to ensure about a CBD brand’s products before recommending them are:

  • They offer genuine value
  • They solve the real-world needs of consumers
  • They are reasonably priced
  • They are entirely pure and high-quality

We try products exhaustively before recommending them. We’ve smoked and vaped a lot of Secret Nature flower and cartridges, and we’ve used Endoca’s oil-based salve religiously for months.

Learn more about these two brands with answers to a few common questions:

1. Is Secret Nature CBD legit?

There’s a lot in the CBD industry that is decidedly not legit. Secret Nature, on the other hand, is too legit to quit.

Everything about Secret Nature checks out. This brand grows its hemp indoors, eliminating common contamination points. Secret Nature uses organic cultivation processes and trims its buds by hand.

Secret Nature products are lab-tested. But this is all information you can find on Secret Nature’s website. In the end, this brand’s quality is something you feel.

The moment you hold a Secret Nature CBD product in your hands, you’ll understand. This brand is a cut above, and it’s the only CBD flower brand we recommend in 2022.

2. Which CBD flower gets you high?

CBD flower might alter the high you experience with THC. When ingested together, CBD and THC combine in the nervous system to offer unique effects. In some cases, CBD might reduce the intensity of THC’s effects.

The terpenes present in high-quality CBD flower or vapes could, however, enhance the high provided by THC. Each terpene has different effects, and these flavorful, aromatic, and antioxidant compounds appear to enhance the entourage effect.

3. Is it legal to buy CBD flower?

Since Secret Nature CBD flower contains less than 0.3% THC, it is considered “industrial hemp” at the federal level. As a result, it is not an illegal drug, and Secret Nature ships to all 50 states.

4. Is Endoca CBD full-spectrum?

Yes, most Endoca CBD products contain full-spectrum CBD extracts. This brand’s salve and body butter that we love so much both feature full-spectrum CBD. Full-spectrum CBD is more effective, giving us another reason to appreciate Endoca.

5. What is Endoca CBD paste?

Endoca’s Hemp Oil Extract is sometimes referred to as “Endoca CBD paste.” This ultra-concentrated CBD concentrate is a great choice if you want to orally ingest or topically apply this cannabinoid using the simplest, rawest method possible.

We’re only interested in the genuine

Endoca’s CBD salve isn’t a miracle cream. Secret Nature’s CBD buds won’t instantly cure anxiety or depression.

These two products are, however, unusually high-quality. Trying to choose the right CBD product can be a genuine pain, so save yourself some time by giving Secret Nature and Endoca a try.

The worst that will happen is you’ll waste time on yet another bunk hemp product. Based on our recommendation, however, you’ll be in for a refreshingly satisfying CBD experience with either brand.