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8 Effective CBD Smoothies With 5 Ingredients or Less

Smoothies need to be tasty, easy to create and 5 ingredients or less. 

This post will give you 8 go-to cbd smoothie recipes that are both tasty and effective. You can find recipes for pain relief, energy, metabolism boost, diet control and more. 

If you have any questions or want to share your CBD recipes with our community, please comment below. We love sharing our user-generated content. 5 of the 8 recipes below came from our community. 

#1: The Oasis Hydration CBD Smoothie

#2: The Blue Magic Pain Relief CBD Smoothie

#3: The Call Me Orange Pain Relief CBD Smoothie

#4: The Bannaboost Muscle Recovery CBD Smoothie

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#5: The Green Ginger Detox CBD Smoothie

#6: The Mango Dream Craving Fighting CBD Smoothie

#7: The Kick-Start Metabolism-Boosting CBD Smoothie

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#8: The Green Machine Energy-Boosting CBD Smoothie

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