7 CBD-Infused Recipes That You’ll Love

Over the past 12 months, we’ve been cooking with and adding CBD to a lot of food! We found it to be more effective to add the oil pre/post-cooking, not cook with. Just take your dropper, from your tincture, add a few drops into your desired mix, dressing, dip, sauce, smoothie or food of your choice. Mix the oil in thoroughly, and consume.


Recipe #1: Avocado and Almond Salad with xwerks CBD Oil

CBD in food is nothing new, but part of the fun is finding something that excites your own taste-buds. For us, that’s balancing the creaminess of Avocado and egg with the earthier notes of xwerks CBD Oil. This salad is easy, healthy and tastes as great as it looks!

Simply combine the ingredients, grab your xwerks CBD Oil and drizzle across your salad bowl. The amount of CBD you use really depends on your own CBD oil dosage and personal tastes. We found 5-10 drops suited our needs without the oil being too overpowering. Bear in mind this is a full-spectrum oil, so the classic CBD earthy flavor punches through in this salad. This works extremely well however, balancing out the other ingredients to produce a healthy dish that has all your bases covered!

We all use CBD for a variety of reasons throughout the day. For example, we found xwerks CBD Oil really helps with anxiety. Mixing CBD with food really helps by giving us just the right dosage when we need it, in an absolutely delicious form. Whether you’re having this salad for brunch, lunch or just a quick snack, it’s a fantastic alternative to more traditional methods of consuming CBD. Check out the video for a full ingredients list and see what we think!


Recipe #2: Spinach and Bowtie Pasta with Hemp Daddy’s CBD Oil

Pasta and CBD- a match made in heaven? We certainly think so. Freshly cooked pasta’s absorbent properties work well here, allowing the CBD to mix with the strong parmesan and garlic flavors perfectly.

We’re using Hemp Daddy CBD as our oil of choice for this dish, and we recommend you do too. CBD in food can have an overpowering taste, but thanks to this pasta bowls addition of garlic, parmesan, and spinach, they play off each other like a well-rehearsed orchestra. The CBD flavor is extremely subtle, with none of that cloying aftertaste that we often associate with CBD Oils.

This dish is quick and easy to prepare, and the addition of CBD to your meal kills 2 birds with one stone. First, you have a flavorful, hearty meal that takes five minutes to set up, and secondly a fantastic way to maintain your daily CBD routine. Simply grab your Hemp Daddy CBD oil, mix it in with the fresh pasta, and you’re set for the rest of the day!. As always with CBD in food, the dosage is down to your own personal needs- we found that 1 full dropper really hit the spot. Check out the video for a full ingredients list, and to see the all-important taste test.


Recipe #3: Healthy Fruit Smoothie with Sunday Scaries CBD Oil

We love smoothies- what could be simpler than chucking your favorite fruits together in a blender? Be prepared to up your smoothie game with the addition of one extra ingredient- CBD. All the great taste of your favorite smoothie combined with the benefits of CBD makes for a healthy, tasty combination that we’re sure you’ll be making again and again.

We’re using Sunday Scaries CBD Oil for ours. As a full-spectrum CBD oil, it’s fantastic for dealing with inflammation and is a go-to for us when we need something for recovery after an intense work-out session. Combine your favorite smoothie ingredients, add your preferred CBD dosage and blitz. That’s it. You get none of the oily residues found when trying to combine the liquid with CBD oil- just great flavors in one convenient, post-workout smoothie.

We found that the 500mg strength Sunday Scaries CBD Oil works best- all the best properties of CBD, with none of the aftertastes. While we love CBD in our food, it’s unique flavor profile works best with savory dishes. Combining it with fruit works wonders, and you could be forgiven for not even realizing you’re getting an additional dose of CBD goodness. These smoothies take no time at all to make, and you’re only limited to your own personal tastes when it comes to creating one that works best for you. Check out the video to see what our favorite combinations are!


Recipe #4: Veggie and Egg Omelet with Bloom Hemp Oil

Get your day off to a great start with combining CBD oil with your breakfast. This Omelet is a super simple dish that can be whipped up in just a few minutes and allows you to start your day right with your morning CBD dosage.

We’ve added bacon, onions, cherry tomatoes and bell peppers to our omelet, as well as some seasoning for an extra kick. The bacon provides a solid umami base, working with the CBD flavors to ensure that it’s not too overpowering. Understandably you can mix and match the ingredients as you see fit, but the one addition that’s essential is the Bloom Hemp CBD Oil.

So the next time you wake up bleary-eyed and wondering what to do for breakfast, give this a go. It tastes great, takes no time at all to prepare and gives you your CBD boost to carry you through the morning. For a vegetarian option simply omit the bacon, and if you’re feeling creative throw in a few of your own favorite ingredients. How do we like our eggs in the morning? Drizzled with CBD. Check out the video for a full ingredients list for this seriously tasty omelet recipe!


Recipe #5: Avocado Toast With cbdMD Oil

This recipe speaks to the Millenial in all of us. Avocados have a whole range of benefits in their own right- they’re high in antioxidants and potassium, and interestingly, may even help you absorb nutrients from other plant-based foods. They’re excellent food, loaded with nutrients, many of which are lacking in the modern diet. They’re weight loss friendly, heart-healthy and, last but not least, taste incredible.

Add to this the benefits of cbdMD’s CBD Oil and you have one seriously healthy and beneficial snack that is a major upgrade for the humble avocado on toast. Mash your avocado, add your desired amount of cbdMD’s CBD Oil and spread it on your toast. You can also pop an egg on top for that little bit extra. We also added a dash of lemon and pepper to ours- the acidity really helps cut through the richness of the avocado.

The combination of avocado, egg, seasoning, and citrus takes center stage, and the CBD flavor is far more subtle. This recipe tastes amazing, is easy to make and uses one of our favorite CBD oils! We love cbdMD Oil just on its own, so when it’s used in something like this, both the oil and the avocado go up a whole extra level. CBD in food should always taste this good. Check out the video to see how we make ours, as well as a bonus recipe for your morning coffee!


Recipe #6: Berry Yogurt Parfait with cbdMD oil

This recipe is packed with goodness- the nuts, cbdMD oil and fruits all work together to provide us with proteins, vitamins and of course, CBD. We used greek yogurt with a hint of vanilla or ours, but as always the choice is yours- feel free to mix and match your favorite fruits and yogurts in this one.

This berry yogurt parfait is easy to prepare. Take your granola, nuts, raisins, and fruits, mix in with the yogurt and add your desired CBD dosage. Something that is this quick and easy to make shouldn’t taste this good, but it really does. The tartness of the berries work well with the subtle CBD flavors, and the hearty texture of the granola and nuts balance well with the smooth yogurt.

Dosage levels for CBD vary, but whether you’re using CBD for depression, anxiety or to get a good night’s sleep, cbdMD Oil is an excellent choice. Combining CBD with food makes it feel like less of a task and more of an experience, and this berry yogurt parfait is exactly that. The dropper for the oil allows you to measure your dosage accurately with no mess, and the 750mg strength that we used blends perfectly with all the other flavors going on here. Check out the video to see what fruits we like to use, and the all-important taste test.


Recipe #7: Avocado Smoothie with Just CBD Honey Tincture

We’ve covered both avocados and smoothies in previous recipes, and are in love with both of them. This one takes the best of both worlds and adds a healthy dash of Just CBD Honey Tincture to produce one of the best avocado smoothies we’ve ever tasted.

You only need two ingredients for this- the 250mg Just CBD Honey Tincture, and an avocado. You really can’t go wrong with this- even the most culinary challenged amongst us are going to be able to whip this up in a couple of minutes.

We’ve reviewed Just CBD’s Honey Tincture before, and it’s fair to say that it’s one of the best-tasting tinctures on the market today. Its great flavor allows it to be a serious contender to just honey alone, and after trying out this smoothie, we’re sure you’ll find other recipes to introduce this tincture too.

The richness of the avocado works perfectly with the sweetness of the honey tincture, and this is one of the few recipes where CBD is quite rightfully the hero of the dish. It takes next to no time at all to prepare, tastes sensational and gives you the benefits of both avocado and CBD- what’s not to like? Check out our video to see just how easy it is to create your own super smoothie!

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