CBD Dog Treats Your Best Friend Will Love

CBD Dog Treats Your Best Friend Will Love
Written by Chad W

CBD Dog Treats

When purchasing CBD Dog Treats make sure to read the nutritional chart on the packet to ensure that your pet is getting the right ingredients. As well as finest-quality CBD Extract one also needs to be mindful of the other ingredients that are in the mix. Always buy CBD Treats from reputable online vendors such as Joy CBD and Honest Paws so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your pet is receiving the best product for them.


The relationship between humans and animals is one that dates back millennia and is also one that has had its ups and downs over the years.

When it comes to domesticated animals, there are good reasons why dogs have been called a “man’s best friend,” and these days many people consider their dogs not only to be their best friends and life companions but also as part of the family.

But it’s only recently that we have begun to understand just how deep the relationship between pets and humans goes, and something called the “Endocannabinoid System” is a true testament to that.

Dogs, cats, horses, and people all have this fairly recently discovered system inside them, but what’s its purpose? The Endocannabinoid System – or the ECS as it’s called – is a major signaling network inside the body that is responsible for managing a wide range of daily functions.

These include things like mood, appetite, memory, and sleep. As with humans, your dog’s ECS is busy behind the scenes, working constantly monitoring bodily functions and regulating them.

The body wants to bring the person (or pet) to a state known as homeostasis or balance, and that’s where the ECS comes into play.

But the ECS doesn’t stop there as it’s also responsible for metabolism, pleasure, movement and coordination and things like immune responses.

If you or your pets’ ECS is in balance, you will be in a state of homeostasis or close to it. But it’s when things get out of whack that the issues begin and that usually starts with the immune system being weak.

Thankfully, nature provides the cure before the problem, and that’s why CBD – a compound found in the cannabis plant – and especially CBD Dog Treats have been gaining in popularity lately, and many people are excited about it.

While some people are happy to take virtually any medication given to them by their doctor or pharmacist, that often also applies to take their pets to the vet.

However, many medicines given by doctors and vets are toxic, addictive and come with some nasty side effects.

People more into natural remedies as well as organic products are using CBD to help them to balance their ECS, and studies have shown that animals like dogs, cats, and others benefit in the same way humans do when they take just the right amount of CBD to balance the system.

This leaves a feeling of general wellbeing and calmness, and some dog owners have even said it calmed their pooch down and minimized excessive barking.

But as with anything purchased online, how do you know that the product – in this case, CBD Dog Treats – is safe and effective?

To answer that question you need to turn to the biggest and most reputable names in the CBD industry, so you can rest assured that the CBD product you are buying is safe and in line with regulations, as well as best practices.

Joy CBD is one such reputable CBD vendor, and they sell a wide range of products including CBD Softgels, CBD Tinctures, and CBD Edibles. They also sell CBD products for pets, and that includes a CBD Tincture and CBD Dog Treats.

At the same time, Honest Paws is a CBD company that specializes specifically in CBD products for pets, and they have some unique and alternative CBD options for people wanting to keep things natural and organic.

Check out these two amazing CBD Dog Treats and read some of the great reviews they have already received from satisfied customers.

Joy CBD Dog Treats

Joy CBD Dog Treats

Joy CBD Dog Treats are veterinarian-formulated doggy biscuits that contain a full spectrum of synergistic compounds that naturally occur in phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) organically grown hemp oil.

They come in a tasty beef flavor that your pooch will love and are easy to digest and quickly absorbed into the system. Joy CBD is proud to bring these great dog treats in their mission to improve the overall quality of life for its customers’ pets.

Only organic ingredients are used in these CBD Dog Treats which have been attributed to added energy, healthy teeth, healthy fur, and a good night’s sleep.

Joy CBD’s CBD Dog Treats contain a full-spectrum profile of Cannabinoids and terpenes and contains zero THC. That means that Fido won’t be getting high anytime soon, but he will be left feeling and looking great.

Joy’s CBD Treats are all manufactured in the USA and come from only Organically Grown Hemp. They are currently being sold for a great price in 30-count bags, which should last you at least a few weeks if not longer and is bound to keep your dogs happy.

Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats

Honest Paws CBD Dog Treats

Honest Paws is a company that is as passionate about CBD as they are about the welfare of animals. Their Calming CBD Dog Treats are great for anxious puppies -, especially during traumatic times like the 4th of July weekends.

Made with 100% Pure Full-spectrum CBD Oil, their dog treats contain only natural ingredients, are non-GMO and completely THC-Free. They come in a variety of flavors, but their roasted peanut butter flavored CBD Dog Treats are what are keeping the pooches coming back for more.

Just like some humans, some pets are anxious or nervous. This can be expressed by whimpering, excessive barking or scratching at the skin.

They contain pure CBD Oil as well as barley flour, organic eggs, malted barley, and organic peanut butter, and are lab tested by a third-party facility to ensure the best quality and safety.

Honest Paws also sell chew bundles that contain a variety of products and come in at a reduced price.

If you love your pets and you want them to benefit from the finest CBD Dog Treats available, take a closer look at the products above from Joy CBD and Honest Paws.

While many dogs and cats can have nasty reactions to medications given by vets – especially after major procedures like operations – no serious side effects are connected to CBD for pets or CBD for humans.

Some people simply want to have peace of mind knowing that their pet pooch or new kitten is getting a healthful boost daily while enjoying their favorite treat or chew.

If it’s CBD Doggy Treats you are looking for, then you need to look no further than Joy CBD or Honest Paws, and they are proudly transparent about all of their third-party lab results which are available on request.

These products are also very competitively priced and won’t hit your bank balance too hard. They also last a while, but that depends on how many treats you give your dog on any given day.

It’s time to join the CBD revolution and join thousands of proud pet owners who want to give their believed animals only the very best of what nature has to offer.

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