Cascadia Blooms Review

Cascadia Blooms Brand Review

My favorite product is the sampler. If you want their top seller go with the Elektra strain. Cascadia Blooms offers the finest hand-trimmed CBD flowers. 

  • First Impression - 100%
  • Price - 100%
  • Effect - 100%
  • Flavor - 100%


  • Premium Product
  • Lab Tested
  • Customer Approved
  • Effective
  • Full Spectrum
  • Organic


  • Seasonal

Why Should I Buy From Cascadia Blooms? 

Answer: The Oregon based CBD flower brand, Cascadia Blooms, offers beautifully hand-trimmed CBD flower tops that are great for anxiety and sleep. Their sampler pack, which is genius, offers 3 or 5 different strains, depending on the size you buy, for you to try. I feel this is the ideal product for anyone new to CBD flowers or new to Cascadia Blooms.

Transparent from beginning to end, you can learn everything about Cascadia Blooms from their lab reports, customer testimonials, blog pages, social media, and email. All of the information is available for you. 

Cascadia Blooms has made taking CBD flowers daily easy and affordable. Great job Cascadia Blooms! 

Cascadia Blooms Brand Review

How Many Reviews Does Cascadia Blooms Have? What Are Customers Saying? 

Answer: They have about 70-100 reviews live on their site, customers are saying the flowers are very effective for sleep and anxiety. Overall, the appearance and effect are premium. Fast shipping and great packaging. Here are three recent reviews:

Review #1: “Elektra is our favorite strain of CBD flower, and Cascadia Blooms is our favorite place to buy Elektra. I stalk the site between harvests waiting on ounces because it’s that good. It’s a relaxing strain that we usually smoke at night, with a very smooth inhale for us, when rolled in paper. However, in lighter doses, it’s just right for the morning headspace.”


Review #2: “Honestly surprised at the pungent smell upon arrival. This was a sample bag I got along with my lifter and honestly, this is a great night time strain. I am temp stepping up to 409F using a Fury 2. Flavor has been good the whole way through. I feel relaxed and ready to chill. This is one that will be in my rotation.”

Review #3: “Ordered the sampler on Thursday evening last week and received it Sunday before noon. Awesome delivery time guys. I received the box and opened up, saw the paperwork and noticed I had a sample of the KUSH, my day started getting better, haha. Anyways, I tried the Kush and felt relaxed and a little less pain on my lower back. I went to bed in about an hr. I will review more of the others when I get a chance but Cascadia Blooms didn’t let me down and will recommend to people. Trying to ween off slowly or minimize my THC use and this certainly will help.”

What Do The Lab Results Say About Cascadia Blooms?

Answer: The lab results are unique to each batch, you can see a full cannabinoid and terpene breakdown. Total CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, and CBD. The terpenes for most flower ranges from Linalool, Humulene, Limonene, b-Carophyllene, a-pinene, and b_Mycrene. To find them, just go to a product page like this one and click the image to scroll between the product images and the lab reports you see below:

Cascadia Blooms Brand Review Cascadia Blooms Brand Review

What Are The Main Ingredients Used? 

Answer: The Cascadia Blooms team answered this best: “Great hemp flower begins with world-leading hemp genetics and organic growing practices. All our products are grown, harvested, processed, trimmed and packaged by hand in Southern Oregon, renown for the quality of our region’s crops, wines, and specialty foods. Main hemp colas are selected – cut several days prior to hemp biomass being harvested, taking care they never touch the ground to prevent contaminants before drying. All Cascadia Bloom’s products are handled, dried, cured and packaged with food-grade quality in mind.”

Here is one of our latest reviews of Cascadia Blooms: 


What Is There Brand Messaging On Social Media, Company Blog, and Email?

Answer: Most active on YouTube and Instagram, Cascadia Blooms does a great job showcasing their homegrown appeal. Sharing videos of their team, the harvest, trimming, and the entire growing cycle. I love their transparency! If you want to learn more about the brand, I recommend you check out their FAQ page for top questions. 

Here are all of their social accounts:





Is There A Discount Offered For Cascadia Blooms? 

Answer: Yes, enter code bestdosage on the cart page like shown below to receive 20% off your order: 20% Off Code: Bestdosage

Cascadia Blooms Brand Review

What Cascadia Blooms Products Do You Recommend? 

Answer: For first-time buyers, I recommend the sampler pack. This product offers three strains for you to try. If you use our 20% off code, the sampler pack will only cost $48 for 10.5 grams of premium CBD flowers.

Cascadia Blooms Brand ReviewFor repeat buyers, I would recommend the ½ oz of either Elektra or Sour Space Candy, both strains will only cost $55 after using our code. 

Sour Space Candy: 

Cascadia Blooms CBD Flowers

Elektra:Cascadia Blooms CBD Flowers

What Is The Best Way To Reach Cascadia Blooms Customer Service? 

Answer: I found that the best way is through social media, You can also reach them through their contact page here



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