Canna Comforts Review

Canna Comforts Brand Review
Written by Chad W

Canna Comforts Review

For those into CBD already, as well as those wanting to try it for the first time, CBD flowers are a great option as smoking or vaporizing CBD offers the fastest effects.

  • Effect - 99%
  • Price - 100%
  • Brand Quality - 98%

Canna Comforts is a much-loved name within the CBD industry and a company that has earned that great reputation through its fantastic range of organically grown, Non-GMO CBD Products.

And while Canna Comforts sells great CBD Bath Bombs and Scrubs – as well as some of the finest quality Full-Spectrum CBD Oils on the market, they are best known for their stunning range of CBD Flowers – also known as CBD Buds or Raw Hemp Flowers.


Whether it’s a relaxing CBD Bath Bomb or some potent CBD Oil you are interested in, Canna Comforts has you covered. Their awesome range of products also includes CBD Lip Balms, CBD Edibles, and even CBD for your pets. But it’s the raw Hemp flower lovers who should take the most notice – as Canna Comforts sells more than 15 different strands of finest CBD flowers to meet every need.

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About Canna Comforts

One of the founders of Canna Comforts battled cancer for many years and found that CBD was the best solution to deal with the nasty side effects caused by chemotherapy. The fact that CBD flowers don’t get you high means that you function throughout your daily life unhindered and with a clear mind.

As such, Canna Comforts made it their mission to “provide the absolute highest quality all-natural CBD products in the world,” with the hope that people will discover a better way to deal with various issues from chronic pain to insomnia and anxiety.

Canna Comforts pride themselves on cultivating and selling some of the best, most rare CBD strains of cannabis in the world. CBD flowers look and smell much their big cousin, THC buds. However, there’s one major difference, and that’s what keeps customers coming back for more.

While traditional cannabis containing THC will get you high and can often leave you feeling disoriented and tired, CBD flowers do no such thing as they are completely non-psychoactive. They do, however, leave many people feeling relaxed and stress-free – as well as with a sense of general wellbeing.


Best CBD Products from Canna Comforts



One of the things that concern many people is that the CBD flowers they are purchasing are just CBD, without the THC. That’s why you can rest assured when you buy from Canna Comforts that the CBD flowers you are getting are safe, potent and THC-free.

They batch test each crop of CBD flowers they harvest to ensure they are safe, pesticide-free and in line with federal law. Their CBD products are also all full spectrum, and that includes the CBD Bath Bombs and CBD for pets.

Let’s take a closer look at Canna Comfort’s best-selling CBD flowers, as well as their amazing CBD Bath Bombs and Lip Balms. Also, don’t forget about that great Canna Comforts Coupon Code below.


#1: Elektra – Raw Hemp Flower

When it comes to CBD flowers, Canna Comforts has a variety of around 15 different strains at any one time.

Canna Comforts Elektra CBD Flower

However, one strain that’s very popular and a staple for many Canna Comforts customers is Elektra – a CBD Hybrid blended from ACDC and ERB strains.

It contains a solid 17% CBD, as well as CBDa and traces of CBG. With an ultra-smooth taste and aroma, Elektra is a top-tier Industrial Hemp Flower which is dark green in appearance with orange hairs inside the buds. Elektra is Sativa dominant, meaning it offers a light sensation and doesn’t put you to sleep or leave you feeling lethargic.

Grown on licensed Hemp farms only, this strain is loved by many for its high terpene profile and earthy, piney smell.

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#2: CBD Bath Bombs & CBD Lip Balm

For those into CBD skincare or those who simply want a luxurious addition to bathtime, Canna Comforts CBD Bath Bombs are a fantastic addition to your end of day wind-down. CBD Bath Bombs are a great way to pamper yourself and leave your muscles and skin feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Canna Comforts’ Cream & Honey CBD Infused Bath Bomb is one of five bath bombs in the range, all offering different aromas and slightly different effects.

The Cream & Honey Bomb is layered with vanilla, milk, white honey, strawberry, and citrus, with subtle touches of lavender, benzoin, and sage. There are also some mouth-watering CBD Lip balms for people wanting silky soft lips that smell and taste great.

Their 50 mg CBD Lip Balm contains shea butter, mango butter, and vitamin E, alongside the finest CBD Extract, to leave your lips feeling supple and refreshed throughout the day. You can choose from delicious flavors, including, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Lemon Cheesecake, and Brown Sugar.

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#3: Pre-Rolled Hemp Flower Cigarettes

For some people who enjoy smoking or vaporizing CBD flowers, the hassle of grinding then rolling them into cigarettes (joints) is a pain. That’s why Canna Comforts – being all about comfort and convenience when it comes to CBD – has a great range of pre-rolled CBD cigarettes.

You get to choose from three strains, although that changes periodically depending on a number of factors and variables. At the moment, you can choose from Elektra, Russian Automatic and Lifter. They come in RAW rolling paper, and there are around 1.5-2 grams of CBD flower per cigarette.



Whether you opt for Canna Comforts’ Raw CBD Flowers that you can smoke or vaporize yourself, or you go for the slightly more pricey but highly convenient pre-rolled option, you are guaranteed to receive some of the finest, best-grown pure CBD Hemp Flowers available on the market today.

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Canna Comforts Conclusion

For those into CBD already, as well as those wanting to try it for the first time, CBD flowers are a great option as smoking or vaporizing CBD offers the fastest effects. This is due to the CBD enters the bloodstream via the lungs rather than the stomach, and that makes the effects are felt immediately.

And when it comes to buying CBD flowers online, Canna Comforts offers the widest range of strains, as well as some of the finest-quality CBD Buds available on the market. The fact that each batch of product is tested by a third-party lab is a bonus, and the price point for Canna Comforts whole range seems to be just right.

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Bear in mind that the full range of great CBD flowers offered by Canna Comforts is organically grown, Non-GMO, and sustainably cultivated. Canna Comforts range is also Vegan and cruelty-free, while test results for each batch are easily available on the company’s website.

Simply add “BESTDOSAGE” on the checkout page of your shopping cart to make great savings across the Canna Comforts range today.

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