Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape

Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape

written by Samuel Popejoy

Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape

written by Samuel Popejoy

As one of the biggest players in Eastern Washington when it comes to cannabis, Burnwell offers a diverse portfolio of mid-to-high-tier products that have very few flaws. One of the product categories Burnwell pulls off the most flawlessly is its vape cartridges, and the Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape is no exception.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve vaped my way through one of Burnwell’s Grand Hindu cartridges. I found it to be a great strain to use before bed, and its taste of blueberries and cotton balls was somehow reminiscent of the Himalayan skyline as viewed from the jungle lowlands of India’s northernmost Uttar Pradesh.


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  • Spokane

Good for

  • Sleepy Time
  • Relaxation


  • 1g THC


Convenience: 5/5
Flavor: 5/5
Activation time: 5/5
Effects: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Overall score: 5








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Sorry, haters. I have nothing bad to say about Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape. It’s a THC cartridge that’s best used at certain times of day to be sure, but its quality, flavor, packaging, and pricing were all spot-on. While still a little rough around the edges, Burnwell has the makings of a great Columbia Basin cannabis brand, and the Grand Hindu vape is one of this producer’s highlights.

  • Strong indica effects
  • Earthy blueberry flavor
  • $45 at Cannabis & Glass
  • Live resin terpenes come through strongly
  • Stoney indica effects great for late-night chilling


As I’ve sampled more of the region’s vape cartridges, I’ve found that Burnwell’s packaging is more or less average. Still, it’s vaguely annoying that these supposedly child-proof packages are so difficult to open — until you simply tear the cardboard.

Either way, the Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape is relatively easy to get into. Like most cape cartridges, the Burnwell Grand Hindu Vape came capped on the bottom, but it also featured a silicone cap on the top of the cartridge.

It was easy to connect the cartridge to my 510-threaded battery, and I was puffing within seconds. Nothing beats the all-time convenience of a THC vape cart.

  • Somewhat confusing, but ultimately unproblematic packaging
  • Well-preserved with dual silicone caps
  • Connected easily to my 510 battery

Flavor Profile 

I loved the flavor of this Grand Hindu live resin cartridge. I’d never tried this strain before, and I was glad to receive my introduction in the form of the Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape.

There’s just something fundamentally different about live resin. Even the best CO2 extract will taste dull and bitter next to it.

If you really want to bring out the flavors of a strain like Grand Hindu, live resin is the way to get it done. Notes of grape and blueberry blended together with undertones of earthy spiciness to deliver a thoroughly indica taste sensation that I immediately knew would give me couch-lock.

  • Berry, earthy, and spicy
  • Very potent flavors since it’s live resin
  • Flavor profile immediately recognizable as strongly indica

Activation Time 

It’s a vape. You know what that means? It activates quickly.

From a few seconds after my first puff of Burnwell Grand Hindu went down into my lungs, I started feeling the creeping, soporific effects of a genuinely high-quality indica strain. It could be my imagination, but it seemed these effects were strengthened by the terpene-richness of Burnwell’s live resin extract.

  • Activates in seconds

Effects & Duration

Sometimes, I can find indicas oppressively relaxing. As a relatively active person, I spend most of the day engaged in one sort of task or another, so I tend to gravitate toward the sativa or hybrid end of the spectrum.

Burnwell Grand Hindu, however, I found to be an excellent vape to puff on starting around an hour before bed. During this wind-down time, Grand Hindu helped me reign in my racing mind and prepare for a sleeping mindstate.

In my experience, Burnwell’s vapes last the expected duration, and this rule held true for Grand Hindu. The effects of 1-3 puffs of this strain lasted long enough to get me to bed comfortably every night I enjoyed my Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape.

  • Great indica effects
  • Not too overpowering for sativa lovers
  • Excellent cart to puff before bed


To be perfectly honest, Burnwell is a little bit higher than my pricing sweet spot at $45 per gram. At the same time, this is a reasonable price to command for Burnwell’s level of vape quality. It would be a stretch to call the Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape “connoisseur,” but it’s certainly “artisan-made.”

  • Reasonable price
  • Dock $5 off the tag, and I’d be 100% satisfied

About the Product

There are quite a few cannabis producers in Eastern Washington, but most of them are low-to-mid-tier. Burnwell, on the other hand, aspires to the same lofty heights as some of its most prominent Western Washington competitors, making it the regional connoisseur pick.

Burnwell’s take on Grand Hindu expertly showcases this up-and-coming brand’s penchant for artisanal extracts like live resin. It’s possible that Burnwell’s operation doesn’t attain to the sophistication of Artizen’s or Dabstract’s, but the fruits of this particular Columbia Basin cannabis tree are undeniably good, reflecting well on the quality of Burnwell as a THC tree.

Target Audience

Need something to help you zone out and get to sleep at night? Grand Hindu is a great candidate.

For some people, THC is THC. Strains don’t matter, and the indica-sativa divide seems like a big joke.

If you’re a believer, however, you know that indicas simply hit you differently. Looking for a solid, potent indica vape cartridge in the Eastern Washington region? You can’t go wrong with the Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape.

Best Dosage

At around 60% THC, the Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape cartridge is around average when it comes to cannabinoid concentration. As a result, basic cannabis concentrate dosing principles apply.

We’d say 1-2 hits of the Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin cartridge at a low temperature setting would be more than enough to get you through 1-2 hours comfortably. If you’re using Grand Hindu right before bed, you might want to up the dosage.

Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape FAQ

Still have some questions about this delicious indica cartridge from Burnwell? Allow us to supply the answers.

1. What are the best THC cartridges in Spokane?

Even though it seems isolated way over on the edge of the Washington state map, Spokane is a hub of east-west traffic along I-90. As a result, Spokane, WA cannabis dispensaries offer a medley of local, regional, and state-wide cannabis products.

Seattle brands like Dabstract reign supreme in terms of sheer quality, but Burnwell and Full Spec are among the regional brands making names for themselves in the Spokane market. Personally, I’d say either Burnwell or Full Spec offer the best value when it comes to THC vape cartridges in Spokane.

2. Is Burnwell indoor-grown?

Yes, Burnwell’s cannabis plants are all indoor-grown. According to Leafly, Burnwell uses a “proprietary indoor method enhanced by natural sunlight” to grow its plants, and then it processes the mature plants into a variety of finished products.

3. Are Burnwell cartridges CO2?

Yes, Burnwell uses CO2 extraction to produce its live resin vape cartridges. This unique extraction technique uses CO2 at subcritical temperatures to remove terpenes and cannabinoids from mature plants that are flash-frozen immediately at harvest, resulting in better flavor and terpene richness compared to concentrates extracted from conventionally cured plants.

  • PriceReasonable
  • PackagingExceptional
  • On-the-goExceptional
  • Ease of useExceptional
  • DosageExceptional
Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape

written by Samuel Popejoy

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Burnwell Grand Hindu 1g Live Resin Vape

written by Samuel Popejoy

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