Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape

Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape

Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape

written by Samuel Popejoy
Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape

Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape

written by Samuel Popejoy

Cookies & Cream is one of my all-time favorite strains, and Burnwell delivered excellently on this cultivar’s all star genetics with the tasty and high-quality Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape.

I can’t help wishing the price of this Burnwell cartridge were around $5 lower, but the quality delivered is certainly worth the cost. Learn my detailed thoughts on the effects and flavor of this impressive Spokane live resin vape cartridge.


Ranked 3 of 21 in Vape Pens for Effects

Available in

  • Spokane

Good for

  • Day time use
  • Chilling
  • Downtime


  • 1g THC


Convenience: 5/5
Flavor: 5/5
Activation time: 5/5
Effects: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Overall score: 4.8








Head High Medium

Body High Medium

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All things considered, I give this excellent live resin cart from Burnwell an overall score of 4.8 out of 5. I thought that Burnwell’s prices were impeccable at first, but after sampling more of what the Washington recreational market has to offer, I’ve been forced to admit that $45 per cart is a little high.

Still, you’re getting impressive quality for that price. I’ve seen Burnwell cartridges sold slightly cheaper at other dispensaries, and it might be possible to get this brand’s carts for under $35 with discounts.

As an MSRP, however, $45 per cart is worth taking minor issue with.

  • Super-easy curbside pickup experience at Cannabis & Glass in Liberty Lake, WA
  • Live resin potently brings out iconic Cookies & Cream flavor
  • Like Cookies & Cream usually is, there’s a slightly harsh texture on the exhale
  • Balanced effects — not particularly energizing or relaxing
  • Great for vaping during the day or in the morning
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Try to find a price lower than $40


Getting my cartridge from Cannabis & Glass couldn’t have been easier. I made my order online on my iPhone, received SMS updates, and called the number listed in my text messages when I arrived at the dispensary.

Burnwell’s sustainable, childproof packages take some getting used to. If you prefer to take the path of least resistance, just rip the dang thing open.

Otherwise, squeeze the bottom and pull the tab as directed. Your Burnwell cartridge’s inner box will slide out, revealing the delicious live resin cart within.

  • Ultra-convenient online ordering and curbside pickup experience at Cannabis & Glass
  • Somewhat confusing but ultimately endearing packaging
  • Completely sustainable cardboard packaging design

Flavor Profile

Cookies & Cream is one of those strains you taste and immediately know where it got its name. Of course there are lots of other cannabis-specific flavors mixed in, but this strain’s terpene profile tastes surprisingly like cookies-and-cream-flavored ice cream.

This Burnwell vape carried off the taste of Cookies & Cream better than all but one cartridge in this strain I’ve tried. Overall, I was very impressed with the full and robust live resin flavor profile of my Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape.

I’d highly recommend it to anyone who likes this strain or is a fan of delicious live resin hybrids in general.

  • Delicious, classic Cookies & Cream flavor
  • Live resin takes the terpene profile of this hybrid strain to the next level

Activation Time

My Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape activated just as quickly as I’d hoped. I took two hits of this strain on low temperature to start, and I started feeling the creeping hybrid effects of Cookies & Cream taking over my senses within moments.

  • Effects activated within 1-2 minutes

Effects & Duration

Winner of the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup, Cookies & Cream is a relatively average hybrid that’s most strongly characterized by its unique flavor profile. The effects of Cookies & Cream are nothing mind-blowing, but they get the job done and comfortably accompany the sweet and delicious flavor of this connoisseur strain.

Using cannabis throughout the course of a 24-hour cycle, I like strong indica strains at night to zone out and get ready for sleep, and I prefer super-cerebral sativas during the day to help me focus on work. As a result, there usually isn’t much room for hybrids like Cookies & Cream.

This strain didn’t make me feel like focusing and accomplishing tasks. It didn’t zone me into forms of entertainment. It also didn’t make me feel sleepy or particularly relaxed.

I’m here, I’m comfortable, and I don’t have any plans. That’s essentially how I felt after vaping Burnwell Cookies & Cream. If you like the general effects of a couch-locky indica but prefer to stay standing, this delicious live resin cartridge might offer the best of both worlds.

  • Very balanced, contemplative effects
  • Neither focused nor relaxed
  • Effects seemed to last remarkably long — 90+ minutes before they fully dissipated


As my perspectives on the Washington cannabis industry have matured, I’ve come to the conclusion that Burnwell could offer its live resin cartridges for around 5-10% less and still take in considerable margins. That’s what I would perceive as ideally fair given the quality and value Burnwell brings to the table.

All the same, $45 seems a reasonable price to pay for high-quality live resin — especially in light of the sky-high prices that continue to make recreational cannabis industries miserable in other states.

  • Somewhat bloated price
  • Pricing may drop as Burnwell expands as a producer

About the Product

I’ve tried live resin Cookies & Cream cartridges from two Washington cannabis producers: Burnwell and Full Spec. Technically, Full Spec is from California, but this brand’s affordable and super high-quality live resin vapes are also sold throughout WA.

Between the two, I’d have to give Full Spec’s cartridge the win. Its flavor was slightly more pronounced, it was cheaper, and I’ve found Full Spec cartridges less likely to clog than Burnwell carts.

Nevertheless, Burnwell is among my top five Washington recreational cannabis producers, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed in my Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape. Personally, Cookies & Cream is one of my favorite strains, and I found Burnwell’s take on this cultivar to be bold, pure, and potent.

Target Audience

Cookies & Cream is the kind of strain that’s great for anything. Sure, you might be a little absentminded if you use this strain before engaging in a focus-intensive activity, and it might not make you quite sleepy enough to nod off easily at night.

Whenever you aren’t sure whether a sativa or an indica would suit the mood best, break out your Burnwell Cookies & Cream vape. I’ve found this cartridge to be great for doing tasks around the house or getting prepared for my day in the morning.

Best Dosage

I found the Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape to be average in potency when it comes to live resin. As a result, my usual live resin dosing recommendations apply:

2-3 hits every 1-2 hours

Keep your Cookies & Cream cartridge on the sidelines, and sub it in whenever you feel a changeup in your brain’s terpene teamwork might be beneficial.

Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape FAQ

Let’s see if there’s anything else I can answer about Burnwell’s Cookies & Cream live resin vape cartridge:

1. Does Burnwell contain pesticides?

Burnwell cannabis is grown indoors using a mixture of natural and artificial light. It is never exposed to outside air currents or water runoff, and Burnwell does not use artificial pesticides in its products. As a result, Burnwell products do not contain residual pesticides, which you can confirm with this brand’s independent lab reports.

3. Where can I read Burnwell reviews?

Right here, for one. Check out my full review to learn all about Burnwell Cookies & Cream, and search Best Dosage for detailed reviews of other Burnwell products.

  • PriceReasonable
  • PackagingExceptional
  • On-the-goExceptional
  • Ease of useExceptional
  • DosageExceptional
Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape
Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape

written by Samuel Popejoy

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THC Dosage

2-3 hits



Recommended For

Daytime use

Target Age Group



1g THC

Activation Time


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  • On the go ready
  • Moderate
  • Immediate
  • Discreet
  • Exceptional quality


  • None
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Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape
Burnwell Cookies & Cream 1g Live Resin Vape

written by Samuel Popejoy

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