Burnwell Blue Lights Flower 1g

Burnwell Blue Lights THC Flower 1g

Burnwell Blue Lights Flower 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy
Burnwell Blue Lights Flower 1g

Burnwell Blue Lights THC Flower 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy

It seems like everybody’s putting out their own takes on Blue Dream these days. As the cannabis industry expands, the number of unique strains will inevitably expand along with it, but it’s becoming hard to keep track of all the turns Blue Dream has taken.

This is my first time coming across Blue Lights, but I’ve seen plenty of other variants. As far as Blue Dream mutants go, Blue Lights is pretty good, but I’m a little bit concerned about the overall quality of Burnwell’s flower.


Ranked 6 of 12 in Flower for Effects

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  • Spokane

Good for

  • Day time use
  • Chilling
  • Downtime


  • 1g THC


Convenience: 4/5
Flavor: 4/5
Activation time: 5/5
Effects: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Overall score: 4.6








Head High Medium

Body High Medium

I bought two grams of Burnwell THC flower at the same time — Blue Lights and Tangie. I found both to be rather dry and small-budded, but this dryness issue was significantly more apparent in the case of Blue Lights.

Maybe it’s something to do with the strain. Whatever the case may be, breaking up a nug of Burnwell Blue Lights feels more like crushing a sugar-coated candy than gently massaging a moist flower.

Since the vast majority of recreational cannabis is at least competent, crafting reviews is often an art of splitting hairs. I still think Burnwell produces some of the best buds this side of Wenatchee, but that’s why I’m so unrelenting in my criticism — Burnwell shows the signs of greatness but isn’t living up to its potential with this unacceptably mediocre showing.

– Great blue dream smell
– Nice jar
– Reasonably nice labeling
– Buds somewhat small and dry
– Very crystally though
– A slightly indica-leaning cross of Blueberry and Northern lights
– Nice for loading up a bowl and experiencing a different side of Blue Dream

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At this point, I’ve written entire essays on the finer points of grinding flower. Suffice to say I don’t like doing it — there’s no grinder on the market that makes the job easier or more convenient.

Yes, not even the ones that push the flower out a chute or into a convenient tray. You still have to handle it, wasting flower and coating your fingers with sticky residue.

Okay, I guess it’s technically possible to surgically extract every micron of ground-up flower from your grinder wearing lab gloves and using forceps. I don’t know about you, though, but I don’t live in a doctor’s office.

Aside from that, buying, unpacking, and vaping my Burnwell Blue Lights Flower 1g was a walk in the park. The whole experience was somewhat overshadowed, however, by the dryness of this otherwise impeccable indoor Eastern Washington cannabis bud.

  • Consider this an ode to the interminable inconvenience of cannabis flower

Flavor Profile

Blue Lights didn’t taste that much different from Blue Dream. If I had to say, I’d guess it veered more toward the Blueberry side of things.

There are so many phenotypes of Blue Dream, however, that it’s hard to pin down one exact “Blue Dream Vibe.” To be honest, Blue Lights could just have been a different phenotype of Blue Dream than I’m used to.

What, exactly, was the point of crossing Blueberry and Northern Lights in a slightly different way and calling it a completely different strain? Perhaps the arcane subtleties are simply lost on me.

  • Delicious Blue Dream flavor
  • Slightly heavier on the Blueberry

Activation Time

As usual with flower and vapes, I don’t have any complaints in this category. With ingestible and topical products, activation time can be a big deal, but inhaled cannabinoids almost invariably activate within 60 seconds.

  • Fast activation time
  • Effects were felt within a minute or less

Effects & Duration

Even if the flavor of Blue Lights wasn’t much different from normal Blue Dream, I don’t think I’m imagining the unusually indica-leaning effects I enjoyed with this strain.

  • Ever wanted Blue Dream to be a little bit more indica?


If I were in charge, I would probably peg this gram at eight or nine dollars, not $10. Still, ten bucks is a fine price to pay for a strain. You get to try it in 2-3 sessions, relish the experience, and find out if you want to do it all over again.

  • Reasonable price at $10

Best Dosage

I broke my gram into three roughly even bowls and loaded them into my Volcano Classic Vaporizer. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I smoked a gram of both Tangie and Blue Lights in a single day — don’t worry, I went easy for a few days afterward.

If you want to learn from my experience, limit yourself to a single gram per day at most. That is, if you plan to get anything done today.

Target Audience

Burnwell Blue Lights is perfectly targeted at Eastern Washington lovers of Blue Dream who have always wished this classic strain were a little more indica-leaning. You’re an even better fit if you’re a stickler for organic cannabis products and are curious about what sun-and-indoor-lit flower tastes and hits like.

About the Product

This will be my final review of Burnwell — adios for now. When this brand evolves, I’m sure we’ll meet again. For now, I’m satisfied with the picture I’ve painted of this Eastern Washington producer’s lineup.

Blue Lights wasn’t a bad way to finish. There’s nothing I like more than a good Blue Dream, and even though it was further toward indica-ville than my preferences usually take me, I fully enjoyed this variation on a familiar strain.

Burnwell flower is organic-grown in a hybrid indoor-outdoor lit hermetically sealed environment. These buds are undeniably high-quality, but something seems amiss. None of my Burnwell buds smelled thoroughly cured, and they were also too dry.

Burnwell Blue Lights Flower 1g FAQ

Let’s wrap up with some answers to common Blue Lights questions:

1. What is Blue Dream good for?

Blue Dream users say this strain helps them with anxiety, depression, and other mood-related conditions. It’s described as one of the most euphoric strains while remaining perfectly balanced between the energetic and soporific extremities of the indica-sativa spectrum.

In my experience, Blue Lights is almost identical to Blue Dream except that it’s considerably more relaxing. The usual euphoria of Blue Dream is somewhat drowned out by budding tips of couch-lock that tenderly caress your senses from the indica side of the fence.

2. How is Blue Lights different from Blue Dream?

I’d say that Blue Lights is the indica version of Blue Dream — but there are lots of indica versions of Blue Dream these days (including Blue Dream itself, which some say leans more toward the indica side of the genetic spectrum).

If you like Blue Dream but you generally tend toward indicas, you’ll find that Blue Lights almost entirely eliminates the sativa loopiness from the holy crossing of Northern Lights and Blueberry.

3. Is Burnwell Blue Lights flower indoor-grown?

Yes, but with a twist. Burnwell grows its flower in fully-sealed indoor environments that nonetheless let the Columbia Basin’s abundant sunshine in all year-round.The result is indoor-grown flower with all the au natural benefits of sun-grown buds. This cultivation method might be used elsewhere in the cannabis industry, but it’s the first I’ve seen of it in the Washington market.

  • PriceReasonable
  • PackagingExceptional
  • FlavorExceptional
  • EffectExceptional
  • DosageExceptional
Burnwell Blue Lights Flower 1g
Burnwell Blue Lights THC Flower 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy

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Burnwell Blue Lights Flower 1g
Burnwell Blue Lights THC Flower 1g

written by Samuel Popejoy

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