In these days of vape carts and dabs, there’s something nostalgic and relaxing about tabletop vapes. Plus, the right desktop vaporizer can unlock the hidden benefits of cannabis flower more than any other tool.

Yes, the Volcano vape is still number one, but it isn’t the only vaporizer on our list. Learn the top 5 vapes you should consider leaving running on your desk all day.

What types of weed vaporizers are there?

There are two main types of vaporizers you can use to transform THC flower into delicious, inhalable vapor: desktop vapes and dry herb vape pens. Let’s take a look at each option:

Dry herb vape pens

Most dry herb vapes look something like extra-fat vape pens without cartridges. Inside, they contain miniature bowls to which airflow and heat are applied, vaporizing the flower within.

Dry herb vape pens vary considerably in terms of quality and reliability, and ultimately, they’re only truly useful for hitting on the go. Consider having one or two dry herb vape pens on hand for trips or emergencies, but just don’t get the impression that they replace the functionality of a proper desktop vape.

Desktop vaporizers

The original vaporizer, a desktop vape is too big to take around with you, but it’s the perfect size for your table back home. Designed to vaporize cannabis flower efficiently and evenly to deliver the best tasting and most effective vapor possible, desktop vapes perpetually compete to outdo each other.

German manufacturer Storz-Bickel, the maker of the legendary Volcano Vaporizer, remains the biggest name in the desktop vape scene, but there are plenty of other desktop vapes to look at as well if you’re shopping around. Let’s start comparing and contrasting the options:

Top 6 home-use vaporizers

1. Best High-Tech: Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

  • Score: 4.8
  • Best feature: LCD display, compatibility with optional accessories
  • Good for: Proving to your mom and everyone that you can spend $700 on a vaporizer
  • Ideal user: Super-elites who can’t get by with an ordinary Volcano Classic
  • Price: $700

About the product

We don’t think the additional bells and whistles translate to an extra $220 over the Volcano Classic, but that’s the only issue we have with this high-tech vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. Plus, we’ve heard of some issues with electronic parts breaking down in the Volcano Hybrid, which is something that simply can’t happen with the Classic.

2. Best Overall: Volcano Mighty Vape

  • Score: 5
  • Best feature: Extreme efficiency
  • Good for: Using for all your at-home and on-the-go weed vaping needs
  • Ideal user: OG stoners who look down on lowly vape cartridge-puffers
  • Price: $350

About the product

There’s truly nothing better than the Volcano Mighty if you want to get high from flower efficiently, anywhere. Featuring a powerful, rechargeable battery and the type of top-tier German tech you’d expect from a Volcano, you’ll want to have a Mighty even if you pick up a Classic or Hybrid as well.

3. Best OG: Volcano Classic Vaporizer

  • Score: 5
  • Best feature: Classic analog design
  • Good for: Blowing low-tech clouds in the midst of nuclear armageddon
  • Ideal user: Preppers with whole shelves stocked with weed
  • Price: $480

About the product

To us, the Volcano Classic will always be the be-all, end-all of cannabis vaporizers. If you’ll permit a military metaphor, it’s like the M4 rifle: infinitely customizable, ridiculously simple, impressively effective, and endlessly reusable.

You control the heat old-fashioned-style with a dial on the front, and every component of the Volcano Classic is easy to remove and replace if it breaks down. Plus, with a little bit (or, let’s face it, maybe about four hours) of stoned tinkering, you can probably figure out exactly what makes a Volcano Classic tick down to the subatomic level.

4. Best Direct Draw: The VapeXhale Cloud EVO

  • Score: 4.5
  • Best feature: Compact, direct-draw design
  • Good for: Taking discreet, intense hits with a vape that doesn’t fill up your entire table
  • Ideal user: Flower enthusiasts who also like to dab
  • Price: $400

About the product

The Volcano Hybrid and Volcano Classic from Storz & Bickel both fill bags with vapor (unless you use an optional attachment for the Hybrid). The Cloud EVO from VapeXhale, though, is a direct-draw desktop vaporizer, resulting in fuller, harder hits that have the potential to absolutely floor you.

5. Best Budget: Da Buddha Desktop

  • Score: 4
  • Best feature: Cool Buddha logo on the front
  • Good for: Getting silly about vaping weed
  • Ideal user: Cannabis users who still call themselves “stoners”
  • Price: $200

About the product

It ain’t fancy, but it’ll do the trick. At $200, Da Buddha is considerably less expensive than the other options on our list, so expect a relative drop in quality.

6. Best Throwaway: Arizer 5 Tower

  • Score: 3.5
  • Best feature: Often less than $100
  • Good for: Not minding the taste of the flower you vape
  • Ideal user: Newbies to vaporizing flower
  • Price: ~ $100

About the product

The epitome of low-effort Chinese junk, the Arizer 5 serves one singular purpose: Being the desktop vaporizer you choose when you’re too cheap to buy anything else.

BONUS: Best 2 on-the-go options

These ones are designed to be taken with you. Consider picking up a desktop vape and a dry herb vape pen to cover all your bases.

Volcano Plenty

A hybrid between a miniature desktop vape and a huge, honking dry herb vape pen, the Volcano Plenty seems out of place at first. As far as on-the-go dry herb vapes go, though, the Plenty is the undisputed king.

Kandypens K-Vape Pro

This is a classic dry herb vape pen done right. It’s the same as the Chinese model you picked up at the smoke shop except it won’t break down in a week.

Best weed vaporizer for home FAQ

1. What is the best desktop vaporizer for dry weed?

No matter how many competitors may rise to the fore, we remain convinced that the Volcano Classic is the best desktop vaporizer on the market. Devoid of digital components, this fully analog vaporizer will be one of the only appliances to survive an EMP blast, ensuring your post-apocalyptic days will at least be spent comfortably numb.

2. Is there anything better than the volcano vaporizer?

The only vaporizer that’s potentially better than the Volcano Classic is the Volcano Hybrid, an updated, more versatile version. Complete with a digital LCD display and compatible with a variety of attachments or accessories, the Volcano Hybrid remains an upgrade for everyone aside from off-grid preppers.

3. What is the best Volcano vaporizer?

We think the Volcano Classic is the best all-around Volcano vape, but can you truly resist the allure of the Volcano Classic Gold Edition? Just released in 2020, this 24-karat gold-plated vaporizer is a status symbol, nostalgia totem, and high-quality, dependable desktop vaporizer all in one.