Cannabis can make every kind of good time better. Certain types of cannabis products, though, might get you in the mood more strongly than others, so we’ve put together a list of the best weed for sex available in America’s recreational cannabis market.

Choosing the best strains for arousal

We use a base set of criteria to judge all the products reviewed at Best Dosage. To find the best cannabis products for arousal, we adapted these criteria somewhat:


The mood doesn’t like to wait. There’s enough to fiddle around with without having to worry about lighting a confusing hemp wick or calculating activation times. Convenience rules supreme in THC products for sex.


The terpene profile, the quality of the cure job, and the overall wholesomeness of cannabis flower all affect its flavor, and the taste of your weed plays a big role in the process of arousal.

Activation time

Fast activation is what you’re looking for in top-shelf weed for sex. Again, nobody wants to wait around while hormones are raging and stress is worming its way toward release.


There’s no particular playbook for the types of effects THC should have during sex. Sometimes you might like indica, other times, sativa. On some nights, potency might be most important, on others, flavor.


Never forget how much you’re willing to pay for the right to make love. Probably don’t sweat the chump change when it comes to connoisseur cannabis for sex.

Top 3 best strains for sex

The internet has voted, and people generally consider the following three cannabis strains to be the best for sex:

1. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a strain with a history. When it wasn’t throwing the West Coast weed world into an uproar, it was making the act of making love a whole lot sweeter for the lucky few who could get their hands on this ultimate 90s dank.

2. Blue Dream

Transporting you to a completely unique and balanced state of mind, the delicate terpene profile of Blue Dream will have you and your partner dancing to the Dionysian pipes.

3. Grandaddy Purple

It’s time for some serious romance. This ultra-Indica strain will collapse the world down to just the two of you, which might be exactly what you’re looking for.

3 THC products shine out above all the rest when it comes to getting down: Best cannabis products for sex

1. Dosist Arouse Vape Pen THC-Plus 250mg

  • Score: 4.2
  • Effects: Arousing, focused
  • Available in: Pretty much everywhere recreational cannabis is sold
  • Good for: Sex — plain and simple
  • Potency: 2.5mg THC per puff — good for light users
  • Convenience: 5/5
  • Flavor/aroma: 4/5
  • Activation time: Instant activation
  • Price: 3/5
  • Best dosage: You’re stuck with 2.5mg THC per puff
  • Ideal user: THC newbies who want to try weed for sex

About the product

Literally designed to make sex better, this high-brow disposable vape pen from “Apple-of-weed” Dosist is available pretty much anywhere you go. It might be a little bit light for intense sessions, though.

2. Kings Garden Blue Dream THC Flower

  • Score: 4.6
  • Effects: Zoned-out, paradisiacal
  • Available in: LA, throughout California
  • Good for: Getting in the mood au natural
  • Potency: 25%+
  • Convenience: 5/5
  • Flavor/aroma: 5/5
  • Activation time: Instant activation
  • Price: 5/5
  • Best dosage: Around 1g per session
  • Ideal user: Connoisseurs looking to expand their good time

About the product

This is Blue Dream done absolutely right. Work your way through an eighth over the course of an unforgettable night of steamy solitude. Available in California on Eaze with the code BEST5.

3. ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg

  • Score: 4.6
  • Effects: Vibrant, upbeat
  • Available in: LA, throughout California
  • Good for: Enjoying a wild ride
  • Potency: 0.5g cart
  • Convenience: 5/5
  • Flavor/aroma: 4/5
  • Activation time: Instant
  • Price: 4/5
  • Best dosage: 1 puff every 1-2 hours
  • Ideal user: Canna-sex explorers who want to experience the source of it all

About the product

Vapes are sometimes the most convenient for lovemaking. Keep this Sour Diesel cart by your bedside to enjoy “sex’s favorite strain” with the click of a single button whenever the mood strikes.

Best weed for sex FAQ

1. What are the best weed strains for erectile dysfunction?

Research indicates that erectile dysfunction can be related to self-esteem. As a result, strains that help you let go of inhibition and feel better both mentally and physically are the best for overcoming erectile dysfunction. Any strong sativa strain, like Sour Diesel, will exert this type of effect.

2. What are the best strains for male arousal?

If anxiety is the cause behind your erectile dysfunction, you might be better off with an indica strain instead. Both OG Kush and Grandaddy Purp are often used for the purpose of male arousal. Consider trying both indica and sativa strains to find out which helps your performance the best.

3. What is the best weed for romance?

Regardless of what pop culture wants us to believe, sex and romance aren’t the same thing. When it comes to getting closer to your partner and showing them that they’re special to you, what matters is the quality of the weed you smoke, not the quantity of cannabinoids.

If you’re in California, consider splurging on one of our favorite brands — Jungle Boys or Kings Garden. Both growers produce buds that are off the charts when it comes to aroma and looks. Indulge in something truly beautiful to enshrine the beauty of your relationship.

4. Is sex better with indica or sativa?

There’s no definitive answer to whether indica or sativa strains are better for sex. Some lovers like the intense, heady buzz that indica strains provide, but others prefer the deep, soothing lull that accompanies a good indica smoke.

In the end, sex is about exploration and pushing the limits of the known in the name of human nature and pleasure. Instead of doing the same thing all the time, consider experimenting with lots of different types of cannabis products.

Final tip? “Share breath” by inhaling the smoke or vapor your lover exhales every once in a while.