Whether you have a drug test coming up or you just want to get THC out of your body, it’s easier to remove this cannabinoid from your system than you might think. If you’re being tested for THC tomorrow, you might be out of luck, but each of these remedies will clear your body of THC — eventually, and one way or another.

What is THC detox?

A THC detox is a product or a process that removes the cannabinoid THC from your system. While it’s less frequently a legal requirement, many private employers still require regular drug testing for THC and other substances. As a result, getting THC out of your system quickly can become a considerable priority.

What is a THC cleanser?

A THC cleanser is a product that removes THC from your system faster than it would disappear on its own. Some of these products are gentle and natural, but others may do considerable harm as they forcibly remove THC. Choose your THC cleansers carefully.

What is a THC cleaner?

The term “THC cleaner” is often used interchangeably with terms like “THC detox” or “THC cleanser.” All three types of products or processes are designed to remove THC from your system quickly and efficiently enough to pass a drug test.

Are THC detox products safe?

Most THC detox products on the market are reasonably safe. Some even contain entirely or mostly natural ingredients, and in general, the THC detox market has improved a lot over the last few years.

Detoxing is always a somewhat dangerous process, though. Think about it: You’re forcing your body to let go of substances that usually, naturally take much longer to pass through. Expect to deal with at least some consequences as a result.

Best 5 THC detox products

Here are the five best THC products and methods we could find, broken down by category:

1. Best THC detox drink: Detoxify Mega Clean

Detoxify Mega Clean is widely regarded as one of the most effective, fastest, and safest THC detox drinks on the market. Containing natural detox ingredients like burdock root, ginseng, and guarana seed, Detoxify Mega Clean is also boosted with lots of vitamins and minerals to replenish the nutrients it strips on its way out.

21st-century consumers need to grasp that “natural” does not equal “safe.” Burdock root, in particular, is one of the most intense natural remedies, and it can be toxic in relatively low doses. It’s also often contaminated with deadly chemicals.

So, Detoxify Mega Clean isn’t necessarily safe just because it doesn’t contain any artificial chemicals. Use it carefully knowing that an expected efficacy window of 3-4 hours must mean your body is in for an extremely wild detox ride when you take Mega Clean.

2. Best THC detox pills: Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox

Toxin Rid is a gentle, 10-day treatment designed to eliminate any trace of THC from your system without harming your body. You take Toxin Rid every day over the course of 10 days, and by the end of that period, you should test clear for THC without experiencing any diarrhea, stomach cramps, fatigue, or other common side effects of more intense detox treatments.

3. Best THC detox kit: Green Gone Detox Kit

Green Gone is a competitor of Toxin Rid, and these products are roughly equivalent in terms of effects and ingredients. Like Toxin Rid, Green Gone is a 10-day pill treatment, but this detox option is lower in our list due to reduced ingredient transparency and odd claims like saying Green Gone is a “permanent” THC treatment.

So, if you take Green Gone once and then smoke weed again 5 years later, you won’t test positive for THC? Stop leading people astray, and we might improve our assessment.

4. Best THC detox home remedy: Electrolyte drinks

For decades, cannabis enjoyers have relied on the mysterious powers of citrusy drinks to make sure THC clears their systems. Whether it’s lemon juice, cranberry juice, apple cider vinegar, or even (God forbid) Gatorade, electrolytes will naturally stimulate your body to rid itself of accumulated lipid substances like THC.

5. Best natural THC detox: Sleep

No, we aren’t joking. Sleep is the best detox tool you can possibly use to make sure THC leaves your system quickly and naturally. Your body’s filtration mechanisms, like the liver and kidneys, work more efficiently when you get enough rest, and while you’re at it, make sure you’re properly hydrated too.

THC detox FAQ

Can I buy THC detox products on Amazon?

Yes, unlike the cannabinoid itself, products used to remove THC from your system are widely available on Amazon. You can buy any of the products we listed above on Amazon, but you might find a better deal on the manufacturer’s website.

THC detox products are also often available at gas stations, smoke shops, and even recreational or medical cannabis dispensaries. If you buy an off-brand THC detox product though, it might not work as well or even be dangerous, so stick to the products we reviewed to at least stay within the mainstream of cannabis detox consumers.

Is there a permanent THC detox?

No, despite misleading claims made online, there is no such thing as a “permanent” THC detox. This term is usually used to vaguely indicate that THC won’t suddenly reappear in your system, but it’s a mystery how this would occur without using cannabis again anyway.

Instead, even THC detox products advertised as “permanent” simply work the same way as other cannabis detox kits. They remove THC from your system faster than it would disappear usually.

Where can I find Detoxify drink instructions?

Detoxify conveniently places the instructions for its popular THC detox drink on its official website. We’ll paraphrase below:

Step 1 – Shake the bottle thoroughly, and drink the entire contents

Step 2 – Wait 15 minutes, refill the bottle with water, and drink the diluted contents

Step 3 – Drink around 16oz of water every 2 hours for optimal effects

Step 4 – Frequent urination indicates that the treatment is working