Best CBD Pre-Rolls: CBD Cigarettes, CBD Blunts & CBD Joints [2020 Guide]

What does smoking CBD feel like? Most smoke CBD for its immediate relaxing effects. If you’re searching for a CBD product that is activated immediately I would read this article on smoking CBD pre-rolls.

The CBD cigarettes, CBD joints, and CBD blunts I reviewed have a few things in common. They were smooth, did not irritate my throat and the CBD was activated almost instantly. If you are fairly new to CBD flowers, I recommend taking a few minutes to watch the video below on some of the best CBD flowers I tried. I answer questions like what is it like to smoke CBD buds? And, what does CBD flower taste like? 

When doing your research you’ll see CBD Flower being called CBD buds, CBD Hemp Flower, CBD Flower Tops and even CBD weed. Regardless of the terminology, your first inquiry should be lab reports customer reviews and ingredients.

CBD flower comes in both Sativa and Indica strains. If you need an uplifting feeling go with Sativa and if you need a more relaxing, rest feeling go with Indica. Hybrids are also available when you find hybrid strains pay attention to the terpenes and mood. 

Take Mr. Rainbow by Secret Nature, for example, this hybrid has aromatic and terpene profiles of haze and sweet cookies, the mood is balance. 

Hybrid CBD Flower, Mr. Rainbow by Secret Nature

When it comes to flavor, CBD flowers and CBD pre-rolls offer terpene profiles like tasty apple pie, creamy berry, sour gummy worms, dark chocolate, fresh fruit, and so many more mouth-watering flavors.  The CBD flower brand that offers the most variety is Secret Nature. Cobbler #5 has a terpene profile of fresh peach pie.

One of the most flavorful CBD flower strains by Secret Nature is Cherry Cough. The sweet cherry flavor strain is packed with 21.6% total cannabinoids. This strains aroma smells like fresh cherry soda pop, with hints of cherry syrup. Watch our review on the Cherry Cough CBD Flower, Cherry Cough CBD Cigar and Cherry Cough CBD Blunt.

Secret Nature’s Cherry Cough CBD strain is Indica dominant, meaning it is great for night time use. 

The CBD Cigar is made with 3 grams of organic CBD flower, .4grams of CBD Hash, and .5grams of CBD isolate, hand-rolled in organic cannabis leaves, and finished with a wooden mouthpiece for the ultimate experience.

The entire process takes 6-weeks. The CBD Cigar contains over 1500mg of Full-Spectrum CBD and is ultra slow-burning.


Smoking CBD Cigar


Papaya Nights is the most popular CBD flower strain offered by Secret Nature and for good reason. The sativa dominant strain is perfect for daytime use, offering a deliciously fruity flavor and over 20% CBD. There are over 60 reviews on the Papaya Nights strain, all of which you can read here.


The Sativa dominant strain is offered in raw flower form or in a 2 or 7 pack of prerolled CBD joints. The bright green sticky buds are covered in trichomes and offer a very strong aroma of fruit juice and haze. Sun grown, CBD-Rich Hemp Flower, 100% Hand Trimmed Buds, No Shake. Each Pre-Rolled joint comes with .6 grams of CBD.

If you are looking for premium lab-tested CBD joints that are effective and flavorful I would explore the full range of CBD joints offered by Secret Nature. Don’t forget to use our coupon code for Secret Nature: Bestdosage


Papaya Nights CBD Joints by Secret Nature


Now, on to one of my favorite CBD products, CBD cigarettes by Plain Jane. Plain Jane is known for two things- simplicity and quality. Their CBD hemp flower and CBD pre-rolled product ranges have taken off in a big way and for good reason. In the video below, we focused on the Plain Jane CBD cigarettes. 

Plain Jane hemp pre-rolls come in a variety of sizes and contain 60mg of CBD per pre-roll. Our favorites are a handy 2 piece or a full 10 piece packet and true to the brand name, the packaging is simple and clear.

The box is plain white, with just the product name on the front and a full list of ingredients on the back.

The packaging and font look pretty similar to some well-known tobacco brands, so it’s as discrete as it is well designed. Explore all of Plain Jane’s products here, and don’t forget to use our coupon code: Bestdosage1

If you’re not interested in CBD cigarettes, Plain Jane also offers pre-rolled CBD joints for all of their CBD strains. The Eighth Pack CBD Pre-Rolled Joints features 7 joints half-gram joints with the CBD count ranging from10-18%, 10 CBD Strains to choose from.

With 50+ reviews online and 10+, CBD strains to choose from these CBD joints are premium and affordable costing only $14.99 for 3.5 grams of CBD.


CBD Pre-Rolled Joints by Plain Jane


One of my favorite CBD strains is Sour Space Candy. The terpene profile is sour candy, the raw buds and pre-rolled CBD joints by Canna Comforts feature that famous sour candy that I love so much. This article is focusing on the best prerolls on the market, so let’s jump into Canna Comforts 6-pack of CBD joints.


Like Plain Jane’s Raw rolling papers, Canna Comforts CBD joints are also rolled in unbleached, Organic rolling papers. That’s a big plus. The “hemp-rolls” contain 1.5 grams of CBD each.

The CBD industry loves to interchange the words CBD and Hemp. You’ll see CBD joints, Hemp joints, CBD hemp joints, just know they are all the same.

Back to the review, I also love Canna Comforts for its transparency. Every product on their website is lab-tested and most of the products offer a handful of live reviews to read.

The final product I want to cover is CBG joints. The Sativa/Focus dominant CBG strain flower in this joint is perfect for daytime use. It stimulates your brain activity allowing you to focus. Hand-trimmed no shake, each joint contains 0.6g of a premium mixture of CBG and CBD flower. 


CBD Pre-Rolls That You Should Buy Online:

CBG Flower Joints by Secret Nature: Good for focus

Sour Space Candy CBD Joints by Canna Comforts Sour Candy Lovers 

CBD Cigarettes by Plain JaneDiscreet 

CBD Joints by Plain Jane: Affordable

Papaya Nights CBD Joints by Secret Nature: Daytime

CBD Cigar by Secret Nature: For the cigar smoker in your life

CBD Blunt by Secret Nature: If you love blunts

CBD Flower by Cascadia BloomsHuge flower tops


If you have any questions please watch the videos above as we review each CBD cigarette, CBD joint, CBD blunt, CBD cigar and CBG you should buy online. Leave a comment below if you need any additional help.

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