Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg

Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg

Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Blair Borland
Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg

Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Blair Borland

First things first — what’s a pastille? Now commonly used to refer to any small candy, the term pastille used to apply specifically to sweet medicinal or herbal pills designed to be chewed or sucked on rather than swallowed.

Illinois cannabis producer Beboe leans on the rich medical history of the word “pastille” with its Inspired THC Pastilles. Something like sweet, hard breath mints, these small, pill-like lozenges melt in your mouth — if you can resist crunching them up first, that is.

Best Dosage Chicago Correspondent Blair Borland recently tried these old-timey Beboe THC candies. Dig into Blair’s firsthand take on her Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles accompanied by my editorial opinions.


Ranked 18 of 25 in Edibles for Daytime

Available in

  • Chicago

Good for

  • Uplifting
  • Inspiring
  • On the go
  • Tart flavor


  • 5mg THC and 3mg CBD


Convenience: 5/5
Flavor: 5/5
Activation time: 4/5
Effects: 4/5
Price: 3/5
Overall score: 4.2








Head High Medium

Body High Medium

Beboe THC Edible Video Review

Considering Blair’s testimony and available product information for Beboe’s pastilles, Best Dosage awards the Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg an overall score of 4.2 out of 5. Preeminently convenient and delicious, these Chicago hard cannabis candies take a while to activate, and the low-dose effects of each individual candy aren’t that impressive.

Will recreational cannabis pricing ever drop in Illinois? Let’s hope so.

– 20 pastilles per package
– 5mg THC per pastille
– 3mg CBD per pastille
– 100mg THC & 60mg CBD total per package
– Picked up at MOCA in Logan Square
– Diamond-shaped tartberry hard candies
– “Inspired” is Beboe’s sativa line
– Simple packaging — like an average mint container
– Contains water-hash cannabis extract
– Comes from 100% organic plants
– Entirely solvent-free

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Blair had a great time at MOCA. It’s a very modern, clean dispensary in Logan Square, and Blair receives great service every time she visits.

The Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg package is about as convenient as can be. There’s nothing on the labeling that loudly declares the presence of THC, and it’s easy and discreet to grab a candy and pop it in your mouth.

The only way the Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg package could be more convenient is if there was some kind of child-proof dispenser for the pastilles. Then, you wouldn’t have to unscrew the whole top of the container every time you wanted to suck on a THC candy.

  • Convenient trip to MOCA in Logan Square
  • Discreet and simple package
  • Easy to remove & enjoy one or more pastilles either at home or on the go

Flavor Profile 

Blair liked the flavor of her Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles. She’ll warn you that they’re very tart, but that might be what you’re looking for.

In texture and flavor, Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles somewhat resemble the Sweet Tarts I know you remember sucking on as a kid. In the endlessly bizarre timeline we now find ourselves in, you can get the equivalent of a Sweet Tart in Chicago that’s organic, non-GMO, and dripping in cannabinoids.

  • Very tart, fruity flavor
  • Pleasant to suck on over the course of a minute or so
  • Flavored with safe, organic ingredients

Activation Time 

Blair didn’t find there to be anything remarkable about the activation time of her Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles. Like most edibles, cannabis candies can take a while to kick in.

Edibles you suck on, however, are aided by absorption through the highly permeable membranes inside your mouth. As a result, you might feel a slight buzz almost immediately after sucking on a Beboe Inspired Pastille that doesn’t ignite into a full-fledged high for another 30 minutes or so.

  • Main effects kick in after 30-60 minutes
  • Slight high might be felt immediately as THC absorbs through your mouth membranes

Effects & Duration 

Compared to other THC edibles, Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles might seem a little weak. They only contain 5mg THC each while most edibles contain 10mg, and the presence of CBD might dampen the intoxicating effects of THC.

Blair reports that her Inspired Beboe pastilles weren’t the strongest. She was quick to add, however, that it’s easy to eat more than one of these organic Illinois cannabis edibles at once.

Just watch that tart flavor! Your mouth might be smarting after three or four Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles.

These edibles have an average activation time of around 2-3 hours. It’s easy to stay high all day just by sucking on a Beboe Inspired Pastille whenever a sugary craving strikes.

  • 5mg THC edible has relatively weak effects
  • Take 2 or 3 pastilles at once for a higher dosage
  • Lasts 2-3 hours


Pricing in the Illinois cannabis industry needs to go down. Compared to other Chicago THC edibles, though, the Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg package is relatively inexpensive.

Even so, Blair paid about double what she would have paid for a similar bag of edibles in a state with a more mature recreational cannabis industry. A score of 7 out of 10 in this category is actually very flattering considering the disquieting backdrop of Chicago’s sky-high weed prices.

  • Everything is overpriced in the Illinois recreational cannabis market
  • Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles are no exception

Best Dosage

Remember these are low-dosage edibles. With that in mind, we’d recommend you take between 2-6 Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles per serving.

That works out to 10-30mg THC per dose, which is average for orally ingested cannabis. Alternatively, space your Inspired Pastilles out over the day for a more even, balanced effect.

Target Audience

If you like using THC during the day to spark creativity or gain a boost of energy, Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles will be right up your alley. Boosted with sativa cannabis terpenes, these tart candies will boost you with a light buzz while simultaneously stimulating your artisan sensibilities.

About the Product

Named after an old-timey granny who used marijuana brownies to dose people in pain decades ago, Beboe keeps things simple with a total of four recreational cannabis products available in the Illinois market:

  • Beboe Inspired Pastilles
  • Beboe Inspired Vape Pen
  • Beboe Downtime Pastilles
  • Beboe Downtime Vape Pen

Beboe products are among the cleanest and highest-quality options you can pick in the Illinois cannabis market. It’s immediately apparent that Beboe really cares about its customers and wants to keep them healthy.

Bubble hash is expensive to mass-produce, but Beboe chooses this costly extraction option anyway to ensure a truly solventless high. Like everything in Chicago with THC in it, Beboe Inspired Pastilles are expensive, but they’re worth it if you’re a stickler for connoisseur quality and safe ingredients.

Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg FAQ

We’re here to answer any additional questions you might have about Beboe’s sativa pastilles:

1. Is the Beboe Pastilles price reasonable?

In a word — no. Compared to other Chicago cannabis products and considering the organic ingredients and solventless bubble hash in Beboe’s Inspired THC Pastilles, however, these delicious and effective sativa edibles are more affordable than it might seem.

2. Where can I buy Beboe Pastilles near me?

Best Dosage Chicago Correspondent Blair Borland picked up her Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles at MOCA Dispensary in Logan Square. Recreational cannabis product stock tends to fluctuate, however, so make sure to call or otherwise check the menu of the dispensary you intend to visit before you make the trip.

Depending on the dispensary you choose, delivery or pre-order pickup options may be available. Some Illinois cannabis dispensaries even offer free curbside pickup, making it even easier to snag some Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles.

3. Can you buy Beboe CBD online?

Beboe’s CBD-infused products also contain high concentrations of THC. As a result, they are not available for sale online.

Illinois residents may be able to have Beboe products delivered to their homes via cannabis delivery services. It also might be possible to pre-order Beboe pastilles or vape pens online and pick them up in-store or curbside at a local dispensary.

  • PriceOkay
  • PackagingExceptional
  • On-the-goExceptional
  • Ease of useExceptional
  • DosageGood
Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg
Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Blair Borland

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Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg Product Information

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Recommended For


Target Age Group



5mg THC and 3mg CBD

Activation Time

About 2 hours

Other Products

Vape Pens


  • Long-lasting effect
  • High quality
  • Beautiful design


  • Long activation time
Rated 4.2 Stars by 232 Customers

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Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg
Beboe Inspired THC Pastilles 100mg

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Blair Borland

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