Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g

Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g

Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Blair Borland
Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g

Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Blair Borland

Beboe is an Illinois-grown cannabis producer that has been drawing attention recently with its tablets and disposable vape pens. Blair Borland, Best Dosage’s boots on the ground in Illinois, gave us her assessment of the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g, which she picked up during a trip to MOCA in Logan Square.


Ranked 15 of 25 in Vape Pens for Sleep

Available in

  • Chicago

Good for

  • Relaxing
  • Sleeping


  • .5g THC


Convenience: 5/5
Flavor: 4/5
Activation time: 5/5
Effects: 5/5
Price: 3/5
Overall score: 4.4








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Body High High

Beboe THC Vape Pen Video Review

Based on Blair’s thoughts and my own product research, Best Dosage awards the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g an overall score of 4.4 out of 5. Like almost all vape products, this disposable pen from Beboe is convenient and delivers fast-acting effects, and Blair thoroughly enjoyed the soporific benefits of Beboe’s distinctly indica cannabis vape concentrate.

There’s something about the Illinois concentrate industry, however, that seems to attract extremely expensive vape cartridges and pens. The Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g only contains half a gram of concentrate, but Blair bought it for $70.

– Pleasant pre-order trip to MOCA – Modern Cannabis Dispensary in Logan Square
– Bright, colorful dispensary with young, trendy employees
– Chic, sleek, and small with a cute rose gold design
– Activates on inhalation
– Yummy berry taste with super smooth pull
– Effects of 3 puffs were felt immediately
– 60% THC
– Contains 15% CBD + other minor cannabinoids
– Delivers exactly the calming, serene effects we were expecting
– Ideal before bedtime

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Blair says she was surprised by how quickly her order was ready for pickup at the Logan Square location of MOCA. The employees at this spacious, contemporary dispensary were efficient and courteous, and she picked up her order without issue.

Vape pens are already practically unbeatable when it comes to convenient ways to upload cannabinoids into your system, and disposable vape pens take things to an entirely different level. For novices who don’t know how to connect cartridges to batteries or casual cannabis users who simply don’t want to take the time, disposable pens like the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g offer unique value.

  • Quick, painless pre-order pickup dispensary experience
  • Disposable vape pens take the convenience of vaping THC to a whole new level

Flavor Profile 

Beboe is one of those cannabis producers that has decided to just give up on silly things like strains. Who knows exactly which genetics went into the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen’s concentrate — Beboe hasn’t let us know.

Beboe is, however, very forthcoming regarding the cannabinoids and terpenes in its Downtime vape pen. The primary terpenes in this pen are:

  • Bisabolol
  • Myrcene
  • Linalool

Combined, these terpenes deliver a floral, berry flavor that Blair liked very much.

  • Rich terpene profile results in a pleasantly sweet blueberry-lavender flavor

Activation Time

Like the vast majority of cannabis vape pens, the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g delivered almost immediate effects. Blair started out by taking around three puffs, and she was floating on a soothing indica high before she could note any time passing.

  • Fast activation like most vape pens
  • Effects were felt in less than 1 minute

Effects & Duration

The Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g is boosted by a variety of minor cannabinoids. In addition to 15% CBD, this half-gram disposable vape also contains higher-than-usual concentrations of:

  • CBN — 2%
  • CBG — 5%
  • CBDV — 2%

As a result, this vape pen won’t have normal THC effects. In concentrations under 1%, the effects of minor cannabinoids are negligible. CBN and CBDV concentrations of 2% each are nothing to laugh at, however, and CBG and CBD concentrations of 5% and 15% respectively fundamentally change the entire equation.

That’s all without even mentioning the unusually high concentrations of terpenes present in the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen. We’re starting to learn that terpenes alter the effects of cannabis just as much as minor cannabinoids, providing this unassuming Beboe pen with the potential to deliver some truly mind-blowingly medicinal effects.

Blair found that the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g made her feel calm and serene. It was the exact type of effect she was looking for before bedtime.

  • High concentrations of minor cannabinoids and terpenes significantly alter the Beboe Downtime pen’s effects
  • Strong relaxing effect was exactly what Blair needed before bed


This little pen from Beboe is expensive. Sure, it’s also high-quality, artisan-crafted, and unique, but shelling out $70 for a half-gram of cannabis oil isn’t something all of us can do every day.

From the looks of Blair’s experience, it’s also easy to go through the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen quickly. It’s delicious and effective, and with no window to view how much oil is left in your pen, you might end up puffing your Downtime pen away before you know it.

  • High price
  • $70 per cartridge works out to $140 per gram

Best Dosage

We’d say you should save the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g for before bed and take 1-3 puffs around the time you say goodnight to your electronic devices.

Target Audience

The Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen isn’t the type of cannabis vape you sit around puffing all day. It’s designed for one thing — getting you to sleep at night. It performs this role quite well if you’re willing to shell out extra for minor cannabinoids and artisan quality. 

About the Product

Named for a family member who secretly baked cannabis brownies when loved ones had cancer, Beboe is an Illinois-original cannabis producer that offers four products:

  • Inspired Pastilles
  • Inspired Vape Pen
  • Downtime Pastilles
  • Downtime Vape Pen

This simple product line takes a cottage-industry, handcrafted approach to THC’s dualistically energizing and soothing potential. Beboe says its vape pens are “socially dosed” to maximize the benefits of THC without allowing intoxication to become inebriation.

Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g FAQ

Anything else you want to know about the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen? Scan this brief FAQ, and shoot us a message if there’s something we missed.

1. What kind of extract do Beboe pens contain?

The concentrate inside the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen isn’t visible, and Beboe isn’t particularly forthcoming regarding the type of THC extract it uses. Considering the fact that this concentrate contains nearly 85% total cannabinoids, however, it must be a highly purified distillate.

Furthermore, this distillate must be a cobbled-together patchwork of various cannabinoids and terpenes built on a base of basic THC extract. Cannabinoids like CBN simply aren’t present in any strains of Cannabis sativa in high enough concentrations to contribute anywhere near 2% total CBN and CBDV.

In the world of cannabis extracts, single-source concentrates are the most ideal due to the potential for contamination that arises when multiple extracts are combined. Done the right way, however, combining terpenes and cannabinoids from different sources can manifest entirely unique and highly desirable flavor and effect profiles.

2. Is the Beboe Downtime pen good before bed?

Based on Blair’s experience, we’d have to say that the Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g is a great cannabis vape pen to puff on before bed. High concentrations of indica terpenes along with more than 20% minor cannabinoids like CBD and CBN mean this pricey offering from Beboe is no ordinary cannabis vape.

3. Are disposable pens better than carts?

It all depends on what you need. Disposable pens are the most convenient, but they’re more wasteful and less customizable than vape cartridges, which you can switch out and connect to different batteries at will. Novice cannabis users will do better with disposable pens while experienced users usually prefer the customizability of cartridges.

  • PricePoor
  • PackagingExceptional
  • On-the-goExceptional
  • Ease of useExceptional
  • DosageExceptional
Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g
Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Blair Borland

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Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g Product Information

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Activation Time

Less than 1 minute

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  • Immediate activation
  • Long-lasting effect
  • High quality
  • Beautiful design


  • Expensive
Rated 4.4 Stars by 232 Customers

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Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g
Beboe Downtime Disposable Vape Pen 0.5g

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Blair Borland

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