Amuse is a new cannabis delivery service available in metro areas throughout California. A direct competitor of Eaze, Amuse is a unique service with certain points that are better and others that are worse.

The Best Dosage staff recently placed an order with Amuse to find out just how effective and convenient this highly reviewed cannabis delivery service is. While a little rough around the edges, our overall experience with Amuse was fully legitimate and surprisingly convenient.

We’ll cover all the details of how to order cannabis with Amuse and why you should do it, and we’ll leave you with a few quick reasons that Amuse is worth a shot if you live in California and love cannabis.

What Is Amuse Cannabis Delivery?

Available to Californians living in major metro areas, Amuse is a cannabis delivery eCommerce company that seeks to supplant Eaze as the Golden State’s preferred THC & CBD delivery dealer. Staffed by former execs at Amazon, Nike, and Target, Amuse has the clout to play with the big boys when it comes to getting cannabis to Californians inexpensively and on time.

In our experience, buying weed on Amuse works well and goes smoothly. There are a few points we would ask Amuse to improve upon, but that’s to be expected for any new business. We can’t think of any specific reasons you shouldn’t try ordering cannabis on Amuse, and we can think of plenty of why you should.

Amuse 101: the basic facts

Here’s your pocket guide to Amuse: how to use it, how much it costs, and how to work for Amuse if you should so choose:


  • Excellent new cannabis delivery service in California
  • Slick user interface
  • iOS app offered


Right now, Amuse services the California metro areas of Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland. More locations will be included soon, though.

Hours of operation

10 AM to 10 PM 7 days per week

Top products

  • Amuse Collab Box (a rotating selection of various products)
  • Claybourne THC flower
  • Roots
  • Flow Kana
  • GoldDrop concentrates
  • & many more


  • One-time $30 fee for new customers
  • $50 minimum order
  • Otherwise, no fee


If you’re interested in driving for Amuse, you can submit an application online. You must own your own vehicle and provide current insurance and registration information.

Driver offerings

Amuse drivers are provided with a surprisingly wide array of benefits including:

  • Full medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • 401k retirement plan matching
  • Keep 100% of your tips
  • Full-time employment
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Advancement opportunities

Customer service

Amuse customer service is excellent, which we credit to the equally excellent way Amuse appears to treat its staff.

Ordering on Amuse — Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions

We found ordering cannabis on Amuse to be just as easy as ordering weed on Eaze. There are a few detractors we’ll get into later, but for now, let’s demonstrate just how simple it is to get weed delivered in California these days:

1. Easy online checkout

Slightly more “nutraceutical” or effeminate in its vibe than Eaze, the Amuse website is nonetheless just as easy to navigate. We found the Amuse product inventory to be remarkably wide-ranging. Some of the products we were looking for weren’t there, but acceptable alternatives were easy to find.

  • Professional, responsive website
  • Easy to use both on desktop and mobile
  • Adding products to cart was easy
  • Getting to the checkout screen was simple

2. Scan ID for verification

Unlike Eaze, there’s no option to pay via Zelle when you check out on Amuse, but you can pay via credit card instead. We chose cash.

With this option, you snap a pic of your ID for age verification and then pay via cash when the delivery driver shows up. This wasn’t an inconvenience for us.

  • No digital payment option
  • Cash only
  • Take a picture of the front of your ID for age verification

3. Choose a delivery time

Agree to the one-off $30 fee to become an Amuse member, and then choose a 2-hour time slot for delivery. Amuse delivers until 10 PM, and you can choose any slot up until that time.

As soon as the order is official, you’ll receive a notification from Amuse with three buttons: an option to cancel the order, another to view your receipt, and yet another that allows you to add your delivery time to your digital calendar.

  • $30 fee with your first order
  • Various 2-hour delivery time slots are offered
  • You’ll receive confirmation the moment your order is received

4. Prepare for delivery

If you leave Amuse open on your desktop device, your order status will switch to “loading” at the same time you receive a notification informing you that your order is out. Then, you’ll receive another notification 25 minutes before delivery.

This notification will include a tracking link and a countdown to when your order will arrive. Unlike Eaze, you can’t track your driver, but you will know exactly when your order should get there.

If you chose to pay with cash, 10 minutes before your order is slated to arrive, you’ll receive a robocall from Amuse. A somewhat creepy voice will tell you to “prepare” and “bring cash.”

No, this isn’t a kidnapping situation. That’s just Amuse’s slightly paranoia-inducing way of letting you know your weed delivery is about to arrive.

  • Receive up-to-date notifications throughout the order process
  • Notification 25 minutes prior to delivery
  • Robo-call 10 minutes before
  • Live delivery ETA provided

5. Pay & receive your order

Meet your driver at the door with cash unless you paid ahead of time. Our delivery experience was excellent. The driver was professional and friendly, and the exchange of cash for weed went off without a hitch.

Just provide your ID one last time for confirmation, and don’t forget to give a generous tip. We think Amuse does a great job with delivery overall.

Is Amuse delivery legit?

Yes, we would not hesitate to say that Amuse is a fully legitimate cannabis delivery service. This isn’t some sketchy dude unloading a huge Ziploc bag of nugs on your porch. It was more like receiving an express parcel delivery or a bouquet of flowers from a friend.

This level of professionalism shouldn’t come as a surprise. Amuse is only minimally staffed with stoners, after all, and the leadership is composed almost exclusively of shark-minded Silicon Valley elites. You get good weed delivery with Amuse because the bigwigs in charge have a vested interest in their operation’s success.

Is it easy to order with Amuse on desktop and mobile?

Yes, we found ordering with Amuse to be simple and straightforward on the desktop website, mobile website, and mobile app. We had all three open and linked to our Amuse account throughout the delivery process, and we were impressed by how well relevant information was synchronized cross-platform.

It’s probably easiest to order with Amuse using the desktop interface or the iOS app, but the mobile website was pretty slick as well.

How does Amuse delivery work?

Like similar cannabis delivery services, Amuse partners with a diverse selection of dispensaries in your local area to deliver popular THC and CBD products from California’s most popular cannabis producers. It’s easy to navigate to Amuse on any device, and our experience with this cannabis delivery service was professional and comes highly recommended.

Where does Amuse deliver from?

You place orders on Amuse by selecting products, not dispensaries. Depending on your location and the current availability of products in the area, Amuse will select the best dispensary to visit based on what you ordered. After picking up your order, your Amuse driver will head to your location. 

Where does Amuse deliver to?

Right now, Amuse cannabis delivery services are only available in LA, Long Beach, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. Compared to Eaze’s network, which crisscrosses most of the Golden State, Amuse has quite a bit of catching up to do. Limited service availability won’t matter to most Californian cannabis consumers, though.

Does Amuse deliver in Los Angeles?

Yes, Los Angeles is one of the delivery areas that Amuse services. Covering the entire LA metro area, Amuse Cannabis Delivery sources its products from dispensaries in the area and delivers your order quickly and efficiently. For cannabis consumers in Los Angeles, Amuse offers the same (or even better) product selection as Eaze.

Amuse vs. Eaze

Which one is better: Amuse or Eaze? We’ll break it down into bite-sized facts with the following pros and cons:

Eaze pros and cons


  • Available in most California cities
  • Zelle payment option
  • Excellent ID verification
  • Intuitive notifications
  • Real-time tracking
  • No fee for orders over $50


  • Might not have the product you’re looking for

Amuse pros and cons


  • Excellent user interface
  • Credit card payment option
  • Competitive product catalog
  • Professional ID verification
  • Informative notifications
  • Great for LA residents


  • Not available outside LA and SF areas
  • Sign-up fee
  • Product selection seems slightly smaller than Eaze
  • No Zelle payment option

Eaze vs. Amuse: the verdict

So, if you’re in an area where both cannabis delivery services are active, how do you choose between Eaze and Amuse? For many Californians, Amuse simply isn’t an option, but for those who can access either one, we don’t think there’s much difference between Amuse and Eaze.

Amuse is the newer option, so expect some growing pains. Eaze has more clout and seems to sport a wider catalog. In the end, Amuse doesn’t seem to offer anything above and beyond Eaze’s capabilities, but it’s worth trying just for the sake of novelty.

3 reasons to try Amuse Cannabis Delivery

Why is Amuse worth a shot for cannabis lovers in California? We’ll sum it up into 3 simple reasons:

#1) New competitor

Amuse might offer something unique Eaze doesn’t. We haven’t found it yet, but these two services are far from being on parallel tracks. Amuse has a very high-powered executive team, and they’ve entered the competitive California cannabis delivery market with remarkable initial success.

Eaze, Amuse, or even both delivery services might be gone in a few years, but it’s equally possible one or the other will seize dominance. Secure a piece of history by trying both Eaze and Amuse while you can.

#2) It’s an excellent cannabis delivery service

It might not stand out compared to Eaze, but there’s nothing wrong with Amuse that we could find. Customers have noted that Eaze has a somewhat spotty delivery record, and there may be some issues with how drivers are treated. So far, these issues haven’t been noted with Amuse, which delivered our order on time and seems to take excellent care of its drivers.

#3) It might have products Eaze doesn’t

Finding your favorite California cannabis product online for delivery can be something of a crapshoot. Eaze might not have what you’re looking for, in which case Amuse might be the solution you’re looking for. It’s just as possible, though, that Amuse can’t deliver what you’re looking for, in which case you can turn to Eaze.

Where can I find an Amuse weed promo code?

Save on your Amuse order with the promo code [INSERT CODE HERE]. Getting your cannabis delivered by Amuse is already a great deal for cannabis users in the LA and SF areas, and this discount makes your order even more convenient.

Make sure to visit the Deals page to view ongoing promotions. Some time-limited promotions might be combinable with promo codes.

Where can I find the Amuse menu?

You can view the full menu of products Amuse offers on this delivery service’s website, Right in the homepage, you’ll also see info on current deals, and scroll down to view cannabis products from all sorts of different product categories and popular California cannabis producers.

How do I become an Amuse delivery driver?

To become a driver for Amuse Cannabis Delivery, simply navigate to, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and select the link reading “Become a Driver.” Keep in mind that Amuse is relatively picky when it comes to its drivers, and only full-time positions are offered. If you make it through the application process, though, driving for Amuse will probably be one of your sweetest delivery gigs ever.

Is driving for Amuse a good job?

Drivers for Amuse Cannabis Delivery receive full medical dental and vision benefits as well as opportunities for advancement and company retirement plans. Amuse doesn’t publicly post the rates it pays its drivers but based on what former and current drivers have said, this cannabis delivery service appears to compensate surprisingly well.