Allo CBD Coffee Review

Allo CBD Coffee
Written by Chad W


Allo CBD Coffee and CBD Coffee pods give you the kickstart you need to start your day calm, focused, and energized. Try them for yourself, and you’ll never want to go back to plain coffee again. 

  • Uplifting Effect - 96%
  • Flavor - 98%
  • Price - 93%

Allo was founded in 2018 by Jennifer Hawkins. Jennifer is no stranger to CBD, having used it for a variety of ailments in her own life. Having a founder who knows the benefits of CBD first hand is always a plus, and this personal enthusiasm has seen Allo CBD come leaps and bounds since its inception. But what makes Allo stand out from the crowd?

We could talk about Allo’s dedication to quality and transparency, their rigorous 3rd party lab testing to ensure quality or their amazing range of traditional CBD products. What has us excited though is their CBD infused coffee. In order to maintain responsible and sustainable practices, all Allo coffees are sourced directly from carefully selected farmers. In a CBD marketplace full of tinctures, vapes, and gummies- CBD coffee is breaking new ground. 

What makes Allo’s CBD coffee so special? We reviewed a selection of our favorite Allo CBD coffee’s to find out. See them in action for yourself in our video below.




Allo Rise CBD Coffee- Instant

At first glance you could be forgiven for thinking that this was just coffee- Rise CBD coffee contains 100% roasted Arabica beans, infused with 350mg of full-spectrum CBD.

The first thing you notice when opening the packet is that gorgeous Arabica smell- perfumey with notes of fruit and sugar tones. Each packet weighs 8oz which is enough to give you approximately 16 cups. Allo, advise one tablespoon per cup, which is more than enough to set you up for a stressful day. 

One of the main issues with CBD food supplements is the flavor- either from the bitter taste of the CBD, or the manufacturer overcompensating to try and mask it. Thankfully Allo has struck a perfect balance between the flavors. The almost bitter chocolate coffee flavors pair well with the CBD- this CBD coffee could easily replace your normal morning cup of joe.

Testimonials from other customers make a strong case for this. “CBD coffee has made a real difference in my life. I feel way more energy throughout the day, with an open and focused mind,” says one customer, and we agree. The effects of the CBD come on within a few minutes and paired with the coffee, it’s definitely a welcome boost.

Overall, this is a great product that won’t become just another step in your daily routine. Don’t be surprised if this replaces both your morning coffee and CBD supplement. This is a two for one on getting ahead with your day- an excellent coffee blended with all the beneficial properties of full-spectrum CBD.


Allo Rise CBD Coffee- Single Serve

If you’re passionate about your coffee and own a coffee maker, these Keurig-style CBD coffee pods are what you’ve been looking for. They contain all the same amazing flavors and ingredients as the instant CBD coffee, but with the added convenience of a single-serve pod. Pop it in your coffee maker, let it do its thing and enjoy a CBD kickstart to your day.

Each pod contains 30mg of CBD, with 12 pods per order. The CBD coffee pods are well made and should fit both Keurig and Keurig 2.0 machines. Apart from preparation, there’s little difference between this and the instant version- just great tasting CBD infused coffee that works as well as it tastes.

We prefer this over the instant for the convenience, but both options are big on flavor. This has to be one of the best CBD coffees we’ve tasted, and the effects of the high-quality CBD its infused with are what we have come to expect from a premium CBD producer like Allo. Check it out for yourself- you’ll never look at coffee the same way again. 


Allo French Vanilla CBD Tincture

If you have your own favorite brand of coffee, fear not. Allo also produces a fantastic coffee supplement. This is more than CBD oil in coffee, but just as simple. Allo has specially formulated this CBD oil to work with your coffee, enhancing it as opposed to dominating it. Each pipette dose is the equivalent of 10mg of CBD- just the top-up you need. 

The vanilla flavors are delicate enough to not overpower your coffee, but robust enough to add a sweet boost. ‘Boost’ is also the most suitable word for this product overall. It works well as a quick addition to your preferred coffee brand with compromising the taste of the coffee, or the efficacy of the CBD. A pick me up that calms and focuses you all at the same time is an impressive mix. 

One downside of CBD in coffee is that it usually doesn’t mix well. Unsurprisingly Allo has thought of this- following the instructions carefully means no oily residue. The vanilla works extremely well to balance the flavors as well. It’s delicate enough to not overpower the coffee, but sweet enough to counter the earthy CBD flavors.

Overall, this is a fantastic CBD coffee supplement that blends well with your coffee of choice. You can even add it to the Allo Rise coffee if you prefer a higher dose. Allo French Vanilla CBD Tincture feels more like a companion than a stand-alone product, but that’s a positive. Allo has found a way to gently introduce CBD into your existing routine with this oil, and we’re very happy that they have.


Allo CBD Coffee K Cup


CBD oil in coffee may have been around for some time, but its refreshing to see Allo push the envelope by perfecting the process. Allo CBD Coffee is more than the sum of its simple ingredients- it represents a different way of approaching your daily CBD routine. Instead of creating CBD products that are added to an already busy day, Allo has provided us with a way to enhance your existing process.

Check out the Allo shop for yourself- we love their CBD coffee, but they also create a wide range of other CBD products. The website is easy to navigate, and Allo proudly displays its 3rd party lab reports for further reassurance. This backed up by glowing customer testimonials, just in case you were still on the fence!

Allo CBD Coffee and CBD Coffee pods give you the kickstart you need to start your day calm, focused, and energized. Try them for yourself, and you’ll never want to go back to plain coffee again. 

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