ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg

ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg

ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg

written by Samuel Popejoy
ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg

ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg

written by Samuel Popejoy

absoluteXtracts, or ABX, is California’s gold standard of high-potency cannabis concentrates, vape cartridges, and capsules. The capsule industry is generally sort of iffy, but ABX isn’t kidding around.

We found ABX’s vape cartridges to be similarly serious about the business of getting you high. Over the last week or so, we’ve had the privilege of puffing on the ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg, and here are our thoughts on the flavor, effects, and best dosage of this delicious, clean, and effective THC vape.


Ranked 12 of 25 in Vape Pens for Effects

Available in

  • Los Angeles

Good for

  • Laughing
  • Energetic
  • Vibrant


  • 500mg THC


Convenience: 5/5
Flavor: 4/5
Activation time: 5/5
Effects: 5/5
Price: 4/5
Overall score: 4.6








Head High High

Body High High

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There’s nothing more convenient than a vape cartridge, and the full-spectrum extract is second only to live resin when it comes to flavor. Vapes activate quickly, and ABX Sour Diesel had great effects.

Paying $50 or more for a full gram is a little bit steep. But, ABX backs up this price tag with quality, earning the ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart an overall score of 4.6 out of 5.

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Flavor Profile

Cannabis lore has it that Sour Diesel takes its name from an ancient beef between New York pot breeders. All we know is that this strain has a very gassy primary flavor that’s followed up by notes of citrus fruit.

Lemony and dank, Sour Diesel is beloved for the uplifting, soothing effects it evokes. We found that the ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cartridge very effectively captured the iconic flavor of this legendary cannabis strain.

ABX doesn’t dabble around with live resin. If they did, their cartridges might taste even better.

All the same, the ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart tasted very strongly like other Sour Diesel products we’ve tried in the past. With this particular phenotype, the fruity notes appeared to be somewhat more strongly evoked than the diesel aroma that usually steals the spotlight.

This ABX cartridge tastes like a genuine product. Even novice cannabis users would be able to tell that the ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart contains 100% authentic Sour Diesel cannabis extract.

Activation Time & Effects

One of the most enticing benefits of a vape cartridge is its fast activation time. As CBD and THC vape cart connoisseurs, we can tell minor differences between the activation times of different strains and extract types.

To the average consumer, however, the effects of vaping THC simply seem fast. In that regard, no one will be disappointed with the ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cartridge since its effects kick in remarkably quickly.

We’d say that the effects of our ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart kicked in within around 2-3 minutes, and they persisted for a considerably long time. Clocking in at around 70% THC, ABX Sour Diesel has plenty of potency to throw around, and we experienced this potency firsthand.

Having used Sour Diesel more than a few times before, we had a baseline of what to expect from this strain. The ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart delivered on our expectations and then some — we’d go so far as to say it might be one of the best Sour Diesel products we’ve ever tried.

Within moments, heady sativa effects started making themselves known. A strong THC buzz began to accumulate, and we experienced an almost immediate head change into a very enthusiastic, happy, and creative space.

  • Effects reached full potency within 3 minutes
  • Persisted for 90+ minutes
  • Happy, euphoric, uplifting, yet soothing effects
  • THC potency noticeably high

Best Dosage

We found that the ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cartridge delivered the best effects when you take one medium-sized puff every 2-3 hours. To truly get zoned out in Sour Diesel heaven, increase your dosage accordingly.

Target Audience

ABX clearly made its Sour Diesel vape cartridge for experienced cannabis users who want to experience this strain’s sativa effects in a convenient and effective form. If somewhat fleeting, the effects of vaping THC have no equal when it comes to strength, and Sour Diesel is unique among sativa strains.

About the Product

ABX crafts its products using cannabis harvested from small, family-owned farms in Northern California. Processed at ABX’s central location in Santa Rosa, this cannabis is transformed into pure concentrate products including capsules, dab grams, and vape carts.

Using CO2 to extract its cannabinoids, ABX makes full-spectrum THC extracts, which include all the terpenes and minor cannabinoids present in the cannabis flower. A step below only live resin in terms of taste and quality, full-spectrum THC extract is robustly flavorful.

ABX does not add any substances to its vape concentrates. This brand’s vape cartridges simply contain full-spectrum cannabis extract without any additives whatsoever.

The ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart isn’t quite at the tippy-top of the shelf. It is, however, a solid, safe workhorse that recreational users can use to achieve that legendary Sour Diesel high, and medical users can rely on it as a predictably energetic daytime sativa.

One notable detractor of the ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart is that, like all of ABX’s other carts, it’s only available in a 500mg (0.5g) size. As habitual THC vape cartridge users know all too well, half-gram carts don’t last very long, and it’s nice to have a 1g option as an alternative.

Otherwise, the ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cartridge is a solid product with strong, healthy brand roots. You won’t have to shell out immensely for this ABX cartridge, but you’ll get a lot of value with your purchase.

  • Full-spectrum concentrate derived from Northern California cannabis
  • Somewhat small 0.5g cart only size available
  • Great for both recreational and medical users
  • High-value, average-priced THC cart

ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart FAQ

Let’s leave off with answers to a few common ABX Sour Diesel questions:

1. Are ABX carts good?

In our experience, ABX carts are certainly in the top tier of California cannabis vape cartridges. They aren’t quite the pinnacle of quality, but they’re certainly nowhere near the gutter either.

2. Is Sour Diesel indica or sativa?

Sour Diesel is a strongly sativa strain with predictably uplifting effects. The ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart is a great example of a Sour Diesel product that faithfully expresses the timelessly desirable attributes of this heady, spacey, and energetic strain.

3. Is ABX vape safe?

In terms of safety, ABX gets a pretty high rating. ABX doesn’t grow its own cannabis plants, and it’s unclear if these plants are grown organically.

However, ABX uses CO2 to make its extracts, and every ABX extract is painstakingly lab-tested both during the production process and afterward by a third-party lab. In our experience, ABX cartridges are made with high-quality, reliable materials, and they’re universally compatible with standard vape cartridge batteries.

4. Does Sour Diesel get you high?

Is the dominant cannabinoid THC? Then you bet. Sour Diesel will get you thoroughly blitzed if you ingest enough of it.

Some vape cartridges, however, combine the terpenes present in Sour Diesel with CBD-rich cannabinoid extracts derived from hemp. Since the dominant cannabinoid in these cartridges is CBD, they won’t get you high.

The ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart is a full-spectrum cannabis vape cartridge. This means it contains the entire spectrum of active compounds present in THC-rich Sour Diesel cannabis plants, not just their terpenes.

ABX Sour Diesel doesn’t contain any additives whatsoever. So, you can be assured that no wayward substance will get in between you and your THC buzz.

  • PriceReasonable
  • PackagingExceptional
  • On-the-goExceptional
  • Ease of useExceptional
  • DosageExceptional
ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg
ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg

written by Samuel Popejoy

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Recommended For

Immediate Relief

Target Age Group



.5mg to 1mg

Activation Time


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  • On the go ready
  • Strong effects
  • Immediate
  • Discreet


  • None
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ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg
ABX Sour Diesel Vape Cart 500mg

written by Samuel Popejoy

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