ABX 200mg Capsules

ABX 200mg THC Capsule

ABX 200mg THC Capsule

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman
ABX 200mg Capsules

ABX 200mg THC Capsule

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

Have you heard the legend of the world’s strongest THC capsule? The stories say some California dispensaries carry a 200mg ABX capsule for around $13. Take only one, and you’ll be more completely and utterly stoned out of your mind than you ever have been before.

Who would do such a thing? And, why would ABX make a capsule so strong it would bring Willie Nelson to his knees? Instead of asking too many annoying questions, let’s just direct you to everything you need to know about the ABX 200mg THC Soft Gel Capsule.


Ranked 2 of 3 in Capsules for Medicinal Purposes/Relief

Available in

  • Los Angeles

Good for

  • Party Time
  • To the Moon
  • Largest Single Dose
  • Pain
  • Medicinal Use


  • 200mg THC per capsule
  • Strong effect


Convenience: 5/5
Dosage: 5/5
Activation time: 4/5
Effects: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Overall score: 4.8








Head High Very High

Body High Very High

ABX THC Soft-Gel Video Review

We give the Ultra-strong ABX 200mg single-serve capsule an overall score of 4.8 out of 5 due to excellent convenience, effects, and pricing along with surprisingly fast activation time and acceptable flavor. The ABX capsule contains purified cannabis distillate and MCT oil as a carrier.

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If you want to get completely blitzed out of your brain, there’s no better way to do it than this capsule. Stick it in a pill container, slide the container in your pocket, then macrodose at your convenience whenever and wherever you like.

There’s no cannabis aroma to the ABX 200mg THC Soft Gel Capsule, and it just looks like a pill of fish oil. As soon as gelatin softgel’s walls dissolve in your stomach however and THC starts to absorb through your stomach lining, however, you’ll be in for a massive cannadventure.

Flavor Profile

Well, it tastes like gelatin. You stick it in your mouth, try to avoid getting it stuck under your tongue, and try to swallow it without getting it stuck in your throat.

Not much else to it.

Thankfully, we didn’t have any flavor come back up when we tried similar ABX capsules, so we honestly don’t know what this brand’s gel caps taste like on the inside. Since the taste isn’t bad, however, we’ll give the ABX 200mg THC Soft Gel Capsule a respectable score.

Activation Time

In its capsules, ABX combines THC concentrate with MCT oil for better absorption. In our experience with ABX capsules, this seems to result in faster activation time.

You won’t get the peripheral activation, however, that sometimes occurs when candies or gummies are chewed up or dissolve and absorb into the membranes of your mouth and throat. The ABX 200mg THC Soft Gel Capsule will hit you all at once, and it will hit you like a trainwreck.

Best Dosage

Welp, there’s only one dosage. You could, technically, cut open your ABX 200mg THC Soft Gel Capsule and divvy up the contents. That sounds like a mess, however, and it isn’t how the product was designed to be used.

Grab a glass of water, and bottoms up.

Target Audience

Based on the most recent scientific research, we can’t in good conscience recommend that you consume more than 30mg THC at once. Even that general observation should certainly not be construed as medical advice since there’s no established consensus on the dosage safety of THC.

Therefore, it’s not up to us to comment on the ideal target audience for the ABX 200mg THC Soft Gel Capsule. All we can say is you should know what you’re doing. In all honesty, you might want to purposefully increase your THC tolerance before this particular cannabis experience rather than take a tolerance break.

About the Product

ABX (or absoluteXtracts) is one of California’s most well-known producers of dabs, vape cartridges, and everything else cannabis concentrate-related. Lesser-known, but gaining momentum, are this brand’s ultra-potent THC capsules.

Things started so simply. ABX just wanted to make the best, purest cannabis softgels in the California market, but the situation quickly spiralled out of control.

While extra-strong, the 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg options ABX offered only drew raised eyebrows. Then, in November 2020, ABX dropped the bomb.

ABX announced that they were releasing a single-serve capsule with 200mg THC for $13 a pop. Wait a minute, cannabis regulators and commentators cried, edibles can only contain 100mg THC total and 10mg THC in each clearly identifiable piece.

Wrong, says ABX. Just as with this brand’s other high-concentration softgels, this 200mg THC product technically classifies as a concentrate, not as an edible.

Therefore, ABX is bound by a different limit dictating that concentrates must be limited to 1000mg THC per package. Could a 500mg ABX THC capsule in the works, we wonder?

ABX 200mg THC Soft Gel Capsule FAQ

Have anything else you’d like answered about the ABX 200mg THC Soft Gel Capsule?

What is in ABX capsules?

ABX generally sticks to distillates. As a result, ABX capsules contain THC-rich cannabis distillate, MCT oil (a product of coconuts), and the vegan gel capsule itself.

There are no fillers, additives, or other potentially harmful ingredients. You can use the independent lab reports ABX supplies to confirm that your capsules do not contain any residual solvents of other common cannabis contaminants.

Is the ABX 200mg capsule safe?

There is no established scientific consensus on the safety of THC. It is unclear at which dosage, if any, THC becomes harmful or toxic.

Mild adverse effects of THC, including anxiety and paranoia, are notably more prevalent at higher doses. At the same time, chronic THC users build tolerances to this cannabinoid, potentially indicating higher doses.

If you’re curious about how much THC you should consume, consult with your doctor. Bring a link to this review to help your physician find info on the ABX 200mg THC Soft Gel Capsule.

Can I split the ABX 200mg capsule in half?

We wouldn’t recommend it. Unlike tablets, which you can break into smaller parts since they’re dry, the ABX 200mg THC Soft Gel Capsule contains nothing but cannabis concentrate and MCT oil.

Puncturing or attempting to cut the capsule in any way will cause it to leak, making a mess and wasting THC. If you feel like the absoluteXtracts 200mg capsule is too much for you, choose ABX’s 25mg, 50mg, or 200mg capsules instead.

  • AromaOk
  • PackagingExceptional
  • TextureExceptional
  • EffectsExceptional
  • Activation TimeExceptional
ABX 200mg Capsules
ABX 200mg THC Capsule

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

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ABX 200mg THC Capsule Product Information

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Recommended For

Medicinal Use

Target Age Group



1 serving

Activation Time

35 minutes

Other Products

Gummies and Vape


  • 2oomg THC
  • Convenience
  • Activation time


  • Very high-dosage, for the experienced users only
Rated 4.8 Stars by 232 Customers

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ABX 200mg Capsules
ABX 200mg THC Capsule

written by Samuel Popejoy, video by Chad Waldman

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