7 Point Naturals CBD Review

7 Point Naturals Review
Written by Chad W


Each product comes with a full explanation, 3rd party lab report, and a full money-back guarantee.

  • Lab-Testing - 99%
  • Effects - 88%
  • Variety - 90%
  • Price - 99%

A lot of hopefuls to make it in the CBD industry, but only a few manage to consistently impress. 7 Point Naturals burst onto the CBD scene in 2017, and have been doing just that. So how are they becoming one of the most trusted CBD manufacturers in the US?

7 Point Naturals operates with a singular focus- unrelenting attention to detail. Their website proudly states they create ‘the most compliant CBD in the industry’, and for good reason. They’ve partnered with GenCanna for their hemp- one of the highest-rated hemp growers in the industry. This is supported by the 3rd party lab reports: the 7 Point Natural no-compromise approach produces some of the best CBD in the business. 

We’ve taken 3 of our favorite 7 Point Naturals CBD products and put them to the test- be sure to check out the video below for our hands-on impression as well.



7 Point Naturals CBD Terp Sauce

Dab fans unite, CBD Terp Sauce is definitely for you. You can also mix the concentrate in with a hot drink, but using a rig is where this CBD concentrate shines. 7 Point Naturals aren’t messing around- each 1g of Terp Sauce comes packed with 850mg of high-quality full-spectrum CBD. That’s it- just concentrated CBD crystals and those all-important terpenes 

Choosing a CBD product with terpenes is a smart choice for two reasons. First- flavor. Terpenes are the aromatic oils that imbue cannabis with its amazing variety of smells. This variety has allowed 7 Point Naturals to reproduce the gorgeous flavors of some firm favorites, such as Banana Kush and Super Lemon Haze. The result is some of the best full-flavored CBD concentrates we’ve tried in a long time. 

The second reason?  The Entourage Effect. Terp Sauce uses full-spectrum CBD, which contains a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes, instead of being pure. Studies show that by allowing these chemicals to work together, the CBD may actually be more effective. This is called the Entourage Effect and has the CBD industry very excited. It’s what makes this product so special- a powerful CBD concentrate that works as well as it tastes.

Using the product is straightforward if you’re already dabbing- your existing rig should be fine. Just be careful when loading up- CBD concentrate can be difficult to measure accurately. 7 Point Naturals also advise taking low-temperature dabs- around 400F will give you the most flavorful and effective hit. 

Effective is an understatement- dabbing CBD concentrate is one of the fastest methods for CBD to take effect. Customers agree- the 7 Point Naturals CBD Terp Sauce page is full of glowing reviews. ‘An instant and powerful way to dose up on CBD’- we agree!

This is a fast, powerful CBD concentrate that tastes amazing. If you’re a dab aficionado, 7 Point Naturals CBD Terp Sauce is the best choice for you.


7 Point Naturals Isolate CBD Drops

CBD oil is a popular way to consume CBD, and 7 Point Naturals have gone back-to-basics to ensure their offering is one of the best. It comes in a variety of strengths- 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg and even a 3000mg version. Nothing flashy here- what makes this CBD oil so good is the focus on the highest quality ingredients.

This includes the packaging- the bottle feels well made, with a helpful measuring line on the pipette. Just like the oil, it’s not flashy or gimmicky but allows the materials to speak for themselves. Top marks for presentation. 

Using the oil is easy- place your recommended dose under your tongue, swill it around for 20-30 seconds and swallow. It’s a flavorless CBD oil, so it also works well as a CBD food additive. 

It contains just two ingredients- CBD and MCT carrier oil. MCT is fast becoming the CBD industry’s carrier oil of choice, with research suggesting it allows our bodies to absorb the CBD faster This means effective, pure CBD drops with no extras or adulterants.

7 Point Naturals Isolate CBD Drops are perfect for those of us that prefer a no-nonsense approach to CBD. If you’re looking for high quality, efficacy, and no extras, this oil is up to the task.


7 Point Naturals 400mg CBD Relief Roll-On

The clue is in the name- this roll-on is focused on relief. 7 Point Naturals state that their roll-on is ‘able to help soothe aching muscles and joints from the pain of daily strain or injury.’ Bold words, but does it work?

Customers certainly think so: ‘This cream is a miracle! I have been suffering from severe sciatic pain when I get up in the morning for months. From the first time I used the creme, I have had NO pain! I’m not sure why it works, but it does!’ 

We can help with the ‘not sure why it works’. Recent studies suggest that CBD topicals are an effective way to reduce inflammation and muscle-related pain. Both consumers and experts agree- this CBD Relief Roll-On is effective.

It rolls on easily with no sticky residue and at 400mg it is up to the task, even for chronic pain sufferers. It also contains ingredients such as menthol and Aloe Vera, leaving a pleasant cooling sensation when applied.

We see this as an essential item for post work out, and it’s packaging means it won’t look out of place in your gym back. It’s easy to use and smells and feels great. Grab this if you’re looking to include CBD into an active lifestyle. 



3 years is a rather short time to make such a big impression, but that is exactly what 7 Point Naturals have achieved. Their quality over quantity approach has paid dividends, resulting in a selection of CBD products that are simple, well made, and stand up to independent testing.

Each product comes with a full explanation, 3rd party lab report, and a full money-back guarantee. Their Instagram showcases some of the best CBD products they have to offer, and their customer care team are helpful and friendly. What’s not to love? We’ve only picked our 3 favorite 7 Point Naturals CBD products- we’re sure you’ll love them just as much as we did, but they offer so much more. Make sure to explore their shop to see what other amazing CBD products they’ve created with their famous attention to detail.

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