7 Best CBD Oils To Buy In The UK

CBD oil in the UK has come a long way in just a few short years, from a relative unknown to an essential part of many people’s day. What can be difficult, however, is sorting the wheat from the chaff. It seems that everyone and their mother are keen to capitalise on the success of CBD, leading to a dizzying array of options when buying CBD online in the UK. 

Luckily, with so much confusion comes companies who are willing and able to put in perspective. The drug.store is one of those companies, offering a curated collection of science-backed natural remedies and health products by some of the world’s most pioneering and industry-leading brands.

When buying CBD online, your options are almost always better than CBD oil on Amazon. The drug.store brings together some of your favourite CBD brands together in one place, providing variety at reasonable prices. We’ve taken the time to go through their impressive catalogue, selecting 7 of our favourite CBD oils to buy in the UK! 


CBDistillery Tincture

CBDistillery is one of the biggest CBD brands in the US and is known for high-quality, 3rd party lab-tested CBD products. This CBD oil is flavourless, making it great either in food and beverages or straight under your tongue.

CBDistillery Tincture is a great choice for independently verified, high-quality CBD that works effectively.

Strength: 500mg, 1000mg, Flavour: Tasteless, Price: £29.99 for 500mg, £49.99 for 1000mg, Buy it here 

CBDistillery CBD Tincture UK


MedTerra CBD Tincture

Medterra is a leading CBD brand from California with a large selection of innovative CBD products, and their CBD tincture is one of the main stars. With 3 strengths to choose from, you won’t need to change CBD provider to up your dosage.

The price per mg is fantastic too, so if you’re looking for a stronger CBD dose at affordable prices, MedTerra has you covered.

Strength: 500mg, 1000mg, 3000mg, Flavour: Tasteless, Price: £34.99 for 500mg, £49.99 for 1000mg, £119.99 for 3000mg, Buy it here

Medterra CBD Tincture UK


Plant People CBD Drops + ZZZ

Plant people’s CBD Drops have been designed to help you relax and sleep. Using broad-spectrum CBD allows a wider range of cannabinoids to work together, which may actually make your CBD more effective.

It’s still THC free- just high-quality CBD and completely organic, vegan, lab-tested, and gluten-free ingredients. Plant People CBD Drops are a great choice for those of us that use CBD for sleep.

Strength: 720mg, Flavour: Natural, Price: £79.99, Buy it here

Plant People CBD Tincture UK


Foria Awaken CBD Lubricant

Cannabis THC oil as a lubricant is nothing new. However, THC free CBD lubricant has us, ahem, excited. Foria’s Awaken CBD lubricant has received glowing praise from the likes of Cosmopolitan and Broadly, as well as its satisfied customers.

It has a gorgeous chocolate and mint fragrance and is made with all-natural and organic ingredients. Foria says that Awaken ‘promotes natural lubrication, fuller orgasms, and more intensity’. It’s a bold claim, but one thing is for sure- you’re going to have a lot of fun putting it to the test. 

Strength: 31.5mg, Flavour: Chocolate and Mint, Price: £47.99, Buy it here

Foria CBD UK Tincture UK


Pollen No Pressure CBD Drink Drops

No Pressure CBD Drink Drops are a tasty, convenient way to consume your CBD. Water-soluble CBD is a relatively new innovation, so ironically the pressure to produce a premium CBD water-soluble product is real.

Pollen rose to the challenge though, providing us with an excellent solution that is perfect to add into your post-workout smoothies or a glass of cold water. Each 100ml bottle contains 50 servings, meaning it lasts a while. CBD is known to be great for pain, so these No Pressure Drink Drops should find a home in your gym-bag in no time at all. 

Strength: 1000mg, Flavour: Sweet Berries, Price: £85.00, Buy it here

Pollen CBD Tincture UK


Grön Unflavoured Tincture

Despite being based in Portland, Oregon in the US, Grön (pronounced ‘grew-n’) is the  Swedish word for green. In true Scandinavian style, Grön’s unflavoured tincture is a masterclass in simplicity. The branding for this CBD oil is clean and minimalist, leaning instead on the quality of its 2 ingredients, CBD and organic MCT oil.

Being unflavoured means Grön’s CBD tincture is another oil that works well as a food additive and is marketed by Grön as CBD for stress relief. If you like your CBD oil simple and fuss-free, Grön could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Strength: 1000mg, Flavour: Unflavoured, Price: £59.99, Buy it here

Gron CBD Tincture UK


Infinite CBD Oil Droppers

Infinite CBD has the strongest strength CBD on this list, at a whopping 167mg of CBD per 1ml if you choose their 5000mg option. Infinite CBD started producing CBD in 2016 from their home base in Oregon, gaining a dedicated following rather quickly for their uncompromising attention to quality and purity. Each batch is individually tested to ensure consistency and to make sure the product you buy lives up to Infinite CBD’s high standards.

While the higher strengths may not be for everyone, Infinite CBD has covered all bases with a wider variety of CBD concentrations than other brands. The oil has been created to remove the ‘earthy’ flavour associated with CBD, giving you a smooth, tasteless drop of premium CBD goodness without any bitter aftertaste. Infinite CBD should be your go-to if you want high-strength CBD that doesn’t linger in your mouth.

Strength: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2500mg, 5000mg, Flavour: Flavourless, Price: £16.99 for 250mg, £28.99 for 500mg, £54.99 for 1000mg, £94.99 for 2500mg, £164.99 for 5000mg. Buy it here

Infinite CBD Tincture UK


Final Thoughts

Whether you use CBD for pain, for sleep, or for anxiety, there is an oil for you in the list above. We all use CBD for different reasons, and we’ve hand-picked these 7 oils with that in mind. Buying CBD oil online in the UK is improving day-by-day, and we’re glad for companies such as the drug.store for maintaining a high standard of products available to the UK market. Each of the 7 oils is independently verified by 3rd person labs, comes with rave reviews, and is a delight to use. 

If you’re interested in what other CBD products the UK has to offer, check out more of our UK reviews right here at BestDosage. Every featured product is legal, THC free, and available to purchase within the UK. We only select the best CBD brands in the US and UK, taking the hassle out of finding a CBD product that is safe, accredited, and most importantly, right for you. 

Check out our Youtube channel for hands-on CBD reviews, and our CBD guides for helpful information. These may be our 7 favourite UK CBD oils, but there is always plenty more to discover. 

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