5 Reasons To Order A Hemp Crate Co Subscription Box

Hemp Crate Box
Written by Chad W
CBD Subscription Box

CBD Subscription Box

Are subscriptions from Hemp Crate Co worth it? Get all the details in this Best Dosage guide to Hemp Crate Co CBD crates and CBD flower subscription boxes.


Whether it’s office snacks, fashionable accessories, or tech gadgets, monthly subscription crates are rapidly gaining popularity. It’s no surprise that the subscription crate phenomenon has made its way into the world of CBD, and we’re pleased to report that Hemp Crate Co offers some incredible crate options that fit every niche interest and budget. In this guide, we’ll provide some detailed information on the crates that Hemp Crate Co offers and give you five solid reasons that you should sign up for a Hemp Crate Co subscription today.



1. Hassle-free, convenient service

Searching for the best CBD products on the market can be an enormous time-suck. Back when there weren’t so many hemp brands, selecting between the various CBD options on the market was a lot simpler, but these days, new CBD companies are appearing at an unprecedented rate. Faced with all these options, taking the time to figure out whether a new brand is a waste of time or a diamond in the rough isn’t worth it for the average CBD consumer.

Hemp Crate Co cuts through all the red tape to deliver a professionally selected array of CBD products to your door every month. The CBD experts at Hemp Crate Co painstakingly go through all the products included in their crates to make sure that each offering provides the highest standard in ingredients, lab results, pricing, and other relevant factors.

Once you’ve started your CBD subscription box service with Hemp Crate Co, all you have to do is sit back and wait for your crate to arrive every 30 days. Instead of using your valuable free time to scour the internet for the latest CBD trends and top brands, Hemp Crate Co puts together products you’re guaranteed to like and ships them directly to your door with zero hassle.

2. Diverse product selections

While you may receive the same product multiple times when you sign up for a hemp box from Hemp Crate Co, you’ll never receive the same crate twice. Each subscription box takes items from a large pool of potential CBD products and combines them in new and unique ways to provide you with a distinct cannabidiol experience every month.

While there are tons of potential products that you might receive in your monthly Hemp Crate Co box, these products are hardly selected at random. Instead, Hemp Crate Co thoroughly vets all the products it considers for its boxes to make sure they reach this company’s high standard of quality.

Just because Hemp Crate Co is highly selective, however, doesn’t mean you’ll only receive products from established brands. Instead, this company makes sure to diversify its selection into up-and-coming brands as well. For instance, a single subscription box from Hemp Crate Co might include product offerings from Green Roads, CBDfx, and cbdMD (all of which are established brands) alongside products from Dr. Norm’s, Sprig, and CBD Infusionz (all of which you’ll be forgiven for never having heard of).

3. Multiple crate options

Hemp Crate Co already offers tons of product diversity in every crate that this company ships. To make things even more diverse, however, Hemp Crate Co provides multiple hemp crate options, and each option has a different theme that will help you expand your CBD horizons. Not sure which crate to pick? Make your decision process easier by digesting the following information on each box Hemp Crate Co offers.

Hempa the Explorer

Like all of the subscription crate options that Hemp Crate Co offers, the Hempa the Explorer crate is offered in both Starter and Pro options. The Starter option includes 4-6 CBD products per month, and the Pro option includes 5-8 products in every box. The Hempa the Explorer box includes a diverse array of CBD product types including tinctures, lip balms, salves, capsules, sprays, and gummies.

Health & Wellness

Both the Starter and Pro versions of the Health & Wellness crate include items that are designed to help you “chill & restore.” From gummies to help you sleep to cooling topical balms, expect a unique medley of wellness-oriented items in each monthly Health & Wellness Hemp Crate Co box.

Furry Friends

Hemp Crate Co even offers a subscription box option for your pets! Available in both Starter and Pro options, this crate mostly includes products that are designed for cats and dogs, but each Furry Friends crate also includes a couple of items for you to enjoy while your pet experiences all the benefits of CBD.

4. Hemp education in every crate

The high-quality CBD products included in each Hemp Crate Co monthly box aren’t the only valuable items you’ll receive when you sign up for this unique subscription service. In addition to the unique array of CBD products filling up your box, you’ll also receive a variety of pamphlets, brochures, cards, and other educational materials that will help you get the most out of your experience with CBD.

Some of these educational materials may provide you with tips on new ways to use CBD that you might not have thought of, and others might offer more information on the hemp plant and its many constituent parts and uses. The educational materials that Hemp Crate Co includes in every subscription box add an extra layer to your enjoyment as you sit back, relax, and unpack everything that your monthly haul has to offer.

If the information that Hemp Crate Co provides in your box isn’t enough to keep you satisfied, keep in mind that Hempcrate.co is also a great place to brush up on the latest CBD news and information. Visit this site’s Hemp 101 page, for instance, to get more general information on CBD, and visit the Hemp Crate Co blog to stay up to date with the latest ways that this company is changing the CBD industry.

5. Hemp flower crates also offered



In addition to the CBD crates that we listed above, Hemp Crate Co also offers a CBD flower box that provides a monthly sampling of the best CBD flower products on the market. Called the CBD Flower Premium Subscription Box, this crate is similar to the other boxes Hemp Crate Co offers in terms of diverse selection and quality, but instead of oral, topical, and edible CBD products, this box is packed full of CBD hemp flower nugs, pre-rolls, and other product types.

When you sign up for a monthly CBD Flower Premium Subscription Box, you’ll receive a rotating selection of CBD flower options with a total weight of 8g every 30 days. Examples of strains that might be included with your subscription box include Sour Space Candy, White Willow, CBD Dawg, Suver Haze, Lifter, and tons of other CBD-rich, low-THC premium flower options. The CBD brands that Hemp Crate Co partners with to make this crate possible rotate, but examples of past brands include American Standards, Tweedle Farms, and Black Tie CBD.

About Black Tie CBD

Since it’s one of the brands that Hemp Crate Co most commonly includes in its hemp flower crates, we’ll leave you with a brief Black Tie CBD review. At Best Dosage, we’re commonly asked, “Do you recommend Black Tie CBD?” In our experience, Black Tie is one of the best CBD flower brands on the market.

This company offers both indoor-grown and outdoor-grown CBD flower options, and Black Tie also offers a wide variety of other types of CBD products. In summation, any Hemp Crate Co CBD Flower Premium Subscription Box you receive that contains Black Tie CBD products will be a box that you enjoy.

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