5 Reasons You’ll Love CBD Oil Vape Juice

5 Reasons You’ll Love CBD Oil Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice Overall

CBD oil vape juice is great for everyday use. Easy to dose, and great flavors. We recommend vape juice for anxiety, stress and chronic pain. Definitely two thumbs up!

Increasingly, vapers have been turning to CBD oil vape juice as a healthier alternative to nicotine. Many want to kick the nicotine habit for good and find that CBD oil can give them the relaxed feeling they get from their standard e-cigarette, without the damaging effects of nicotine. But what exactly is CBD oil vape juice?

Essentially, CBD oil in vape form contains CBD extract instead of nicotine. Mostly using pure additives as well as untainted terpene extracts, CBD vape oil contains a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that is associated with health and wellness. Vaping CBD won’t get you high, but it can leave you feeling relaxed, stress-free and with a sense of wellbeing.

CBD oil vape juice has already helped thousands of people suffering from symptoms such as chronic pain, insomnia, nausea and even more serious conditions like Parkinson’s disease and MS. However, many people also like to vape CBD oil in vape juice form during their smoking breaks at work, leaving the stinky cigarettes behind.

But what’s the best CBD oil vape for you and how do you decide which flavor and strength to go for? All is about to be revealed.

Reason #1: Great Flavors

Let’s start with some good news, and that is that while many companies only offer a few flavor choices when it comes to CBD vape juice, CBDfx offers a range of more than ten delicious and varied flavors to accompany your day. All CBDfx vape juices combine the finest-quality hemp oil extract with clinically approved vegetable glycerine(VG), propylene glycol (PG) and high-quality natural flavor extracts.

CBDfx’s dedicated flavor team are experts when it comes to tantalizing the taste buds and pride themselves on producing the tastiest CBD oil vape juices on the market today. Whether your passion is for a creamy strawberry milkshake or a cool raspberry/watermelon cocktail vape, CBDfx has you covered.

CBDfx Terpene Oil Is Delicious

The even better news is that CBDfx’s vape juices contain only the highest-quality organic CBD extract available anywhere in the world. Furthermore, CBDfx’s vape juices are specially designed to be compatible across all standard sub-ohm vaping devices as well as vape pens. This means that you can get your CBD on the go and with minimal hassle.

CBDfx also offers customers CBD oil vape juice additives for the times when you need that extra boost. This means that you can simply add a few drops of pure CBD extract to your existing e-juice or favorite flavor.

Reason #2: Activation Time

One of the main reasons people are turning to CBD oil vape is due to the delivery system as well as the effects it provides. By vaping CBD, one can bypass the digestive system completely and take their medicine via the lungs. This offers a far quicker activation time and leaves the user feeling relaxed and calm within a matter of seconds.

Vaping is considered safe and certainly a lot safer than smoking. The added advantage of vaping CBD oil is the fact that it leads to rapid absorption of CBD into the body within a matter of moments. That makes CBD oil in vape form the most logical and sensible option for people suffering from things like panic attacks and those who need immediate relief from symptoms.

Another advantage associated with CBD oil vape is that patients can closely control and monitor their precise dosage on an hour-by-hour basis if they want to. Vaping CBD means you can completely customize your CBD intake levels and find that sweet spot that you are most comfortable with.

The other vital factor here is that different CBD oil levels can be purchased to hone that sweet spot and to personalize it to your specific needs. The fact you can purchase CBD ranging from 250mg per bottle all the way to 1,000mg, means customers enjoy maximum flexibility.

Koi CBD Vape Juice Flavors

Reason #3: Effect

CBD’s official name is Cannabidiol and is a natural remedy used for a variety of ailments; both physical and mental. CBD is just one of around 104 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, but it’s the one that gets all the attention, and for good reason.

While CBD’s big brother, Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC, is the culprit for the feeling high sensations often associated with cannabis, CBD does no such thing. CBD is non-psychoactive and is therefore preferential for people who want the feeling of relief but without the high.

CBD oil vape juice is gaining momentum fast in the world of medical CBD and cannabis and has been proved to help with a variety of medical issues that people face in their day-to-day lives.

In recent years, medical experts have identified the endocannabinoid system, which is present inside every human being. The human body uses this unique system that is involved in regulating daily functions such as sleep, appetite and strengthening the immune system.

There are also numerous medical and clinical studies looking closely at the connection between CBD and things like chronic pain and other ailments. While some people enjoy a combination of THC and CBD for their medication needs, others prefer to stick to the CBD only to remain focused during the day.

Reason #4: Portability

Another major benefit of CBD vape oil juice and one that people love are the convenience and portability factors. E-cigarette users are accustomed to filling their tank in the morning before work and heading out with peace of mind. The same applies to those opting to use CBD oil in their e-cig or vape pen.

Obviously, there are other things to consider like batteries and the coil life of your vape pen or vaping device. There’s nothing worse than heading out for a day trip and realizing halfway through that your vape pen is empty. This makes CBD oil in vape juice form ideal for those on the go or people with busy schedules.

Once you’ve discovered and then perfected your CBD oil experience through the factors mentioned above, you can simply take a bottle of CBD vape with you and add drops to your vape pen as and when needed. This can even be done in a way that you can control your dosage throughout the day with differing strengths of CBD oil juice.

The last point to make here is that vape pens and e-cigarettes are discreet and stealthy and can be enjoyed more or less anywhere and even indoors or inside confined spaces.

Reason #5: Price

The price you pay for your CBD oil vape juice depends very much on the CBD concentration that you opt for. Rookie users are advised to start with the 250mg level and experiment from there to see what works best for them. At the same time, others will opt for the big guns and choose the 1,000mg CBD concentrate for maximum effect.

But no matter which strength you opt for, you’re going to save a packet by simply choosing the CBD vaping option over something like CBD edibles. The fact is that with an average price of around $0.6/mg for CBD vape, this equates to roughly $1.8 per day for around 30mg of CBD oil vape.

In short, when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, CBD oil vape juice is among the most cost-effective options you can go for. Whether you’re wanting to give up nicotine or simply enjoy CBD oil in vape form for your medicinal needs, CBDfx offers you the widest range and best-quality CBD products anywhere on the internet.

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