The 10 Best CBD Gummies To Try In 2020

Best CBD Gummies to try in 2019
Written by Chad W

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are an increasingly popular way to consume CBD. They offer an easy and precise way to get your dosage, plus they’re tasty!


If you loved gummy bears as a kid, or as an adult, you’ll be drawn to CBD gummies, even if you’re used to oil or even CBD vape juice. With so many different kinds of CBD gummies on the market today, we thought it would be helpful to put together our top 10 CBD gummies of 2019 list.

Most Affordable Gluten-Free CBD GummyCBDfx
Best CBD Gummy For AnxietyHemplucid
Top Rated CBD GummyLord Jones
Best Organic CBD GummySunday Scaries
Best CBD Gummies To Keep at WorkFab CBD Chews
Most Affordable CBD Gift That Someone Will LoveHakuna
Best Low Dosage CBD GummyRelieve Everyday
Best CBD Gummy For Newbies
Best CBD Gummy For InsomniaAxton
Best CBD Gummy for StressPure Kana

The list below highlights the 10 best CBD gummies that we felt deserve some limelight for their combination of effect, flavor and overall product execution. Below every image, we list some key facts about each product.


CBDfx Gummy Bear: Most Affordable Gluten-Free CBD Gummies

Most Affordable Gluten-Free CBD Gummy

Price: $59.99 for 60 gummies

Dosage: 5mg per bear

Effect: We love these gummies and CBDfx scores highly in all of our categories. They aren’t our favorite in terms of flavor but they’re still yummy and do the job. You can’t beat the value and support at this price point. This is a company that is doing things right and wants to stay around for the long haul. You shouldn’t hesitate in picking up some CBDfx Gummy Bears and seeing for yourself why they’ve become some of our absolute favorite gummies.

Flavor: Sweet, very similar to a popular red gummy bear.  

Best for microdosing throughout the day, gluten-free CBD gummies

Supported By: Lab Results

Hemplucid CBD Gummy Bear: Best CBD Gummies For Anxiety

Best CBD Gummy For Anxiety

Price: $139.95 for 30 gummies

Dosage: 26.68mg per bear

Effect: We always say that this will be a very individualized sort of experience, as all CBD is. Still, we can confidently say that Hemplucid CBD gummies absolutely did the job. All of us came away feeling that what we were dosing for was being targeted properly and made a difference.

Flavor: Sweet. We thought they might be different flavors also, but they seemed to taste the same to us. That isn’t a bad thing, as they had this fruity taste that was delicious!

Best to take when needed

Supported By: Lab Results

Lord Jones: Top Rated CBD Gummy of 2019


Top Rated CBD Gummy

Price: $45.99 for 9 gumdrops

Dosage: 20mg per gumdrop

Effect: 98/100 “Immediately, I felt that eating one gumdrop stabilized my emotions and made me feel an immediate sense of calm. This is great for anyone who sits behind a desk and needs to concentrate.” ~ @verygoodlight

Flavor: Sightly sour,  but definitely delicious. Lord Jones gummies are the perfect texture and flavor

Best For Anxiety

Supported By: GQ, Bon Apetit, Elle 

Sunday Scaries: Best Organic CBD Gummies

Best Organic CBD Gummy

Price: $39.99 for 20 gummies

Dosage: 10mg per gummy

Effect: “This is the best CBD product I’ve tried to date and they work wonders for me. I don’t need to take weird prescription chemicals and I’m not a fan of THC, so these are perfect” ~ customer review

Flavor: Not too sweet, the bear-shaped gummies were a nice balance of earthy and fruity. 

Best For Anxiety

Supported By: Reddit and lab results

Gluten-Free CBD Gummies


Fab CBD Chews: Best CBD Gummies For Inflammation

Best CBD Gummies To Keep at Work

Price: $59 for 30

Dosage: 25mg per chew

Effect: Love these chews! I don’t use them every day, but when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and anxious/unfocused, I take half a chew and feel noticeably more relaxed without feeling tired. ~ Fab testimonial

Flavor: CBD with a hint of fruit juice

Best For Inflammation

Supported By: If you happen to be someone who likes to meditate, I bet the Fab CBD Chews will help you get to the state of ‘Zen’

Hakuna CBD Gummy Watermelons: Most Affordable CBD Gummy

Most Affordable CBD Gift That Someone Will Love

Price: $24.95 for 10

Dosage: 10mg per gummy

Effect: Best for right before bed. This little CBD watermelon gummy will knock take the edge off.

Flavor: Watermelon goodness. These are too delicious.

Best For Sleep

Supported By: Lab results

Relieve Every day: Best Low Dosage CBD Gummy

Best Low Dosage CBD Gummy

Price: $39.99 for 30

Dosage: 10mg per gummy

Effect: “Since using ReLive Everyday gummies my mood had drastically improved and I love the flavors. By far the best CBD gummy on the market! I have used several brands of CBD oil tinctures and I have found that ReLive Everyday not only tastes the best but it has a far superior strength per dollar and consistency than any other brand I’ve used. I simply LOVE this brand!” Relieve Everyday Customer

Flavor: Sweet, love the orange flavor. No aftertaste, a nice fresh tasting orange flavor. 

Best For Sleep, endorsed by the Autism Hope Alliance

Supported By: Lab results


Koi CBD Gummies: Best CBD Gummy For Newbies

Best CBD Gummy For Newbies

Price: $29.99 for 20

Dosage: 10mg per sour gummy

Effect: The sour gummies can bring immediate relief to pain, anxiety, controls the sleeping cycle, improves the mood, and more.

Flavor: Sour, taste just like gummy bears! Be careful, these guys are yummy. 

Best For Anxiety.

Supported By: Lab certified

Axton CBD Gummies: Best CBD Gummy For Insomnia

Best CBD Gummy For Insomnia


Price: $59.99 for 60

Dosage: 10mg per sour bear

Effect: Great flavor, this CBD gummy bear is great for sleep. I would only recommend for night time use. Everyone felt drowsy after this one. If you suffer from insomnia, Axton is right for you.

Flavor: Sour, very similar to popular sour gummy bears.

Best For Insomnia

Supported By: Lab Results

Pure Kana CBD Gummies: Best CBD Gummy for Stress

Best CBD Gummy for Stress

Price: $40 for 20 gummies

Dosage: 25mg per gummy bear

Effect: These gummies are my saving grace in the office! I no longer panic every time I hear the word presentation or meeting. They have become a very helpful companion.

Flavor: Sweet, very similar to a regular gummy bear.

Best For Stress 

Supported By: Tons of great testimonials and lab results. Plus Pure Kana Gummies are 100% Vegan. 

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