5 Best CBD Gummies of 2018

The 5 Best CBD Gummies of 2018, (updated August 2018)

CBD gummies are an increasingly popular way to consume CBD. They offer an easy and precise way to get your dosage, plus they’re tasty!

If you loved gummy bears as a kid, or as an adult, you’ll be drawn to CBD gummies, even if you’re used to oil or even CBD vape juice. With so many different kinds on the market today, we thought it would be helpful to put together our top 5 CBD gummies of 2018 list.


Best CBD Gummies

#1: Hemp Bombs’ CBD Gummies

These gummies are incredibly popular and come to us from the well-known Hemp Bombs brand. The company has been around for a while now and offers an assortment of CBD products. Certainly one of the more successful CBD lines around, and part of that is due to the variety and quality of their products. The Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies are featured prominently on their site, and are quite possibly their best seller.

Taste: 5 Stars

In a word – yum! These gummies look and feel a lot like what you would except out of a gummy bear. It brings you back to when you were a kid, but with the added benefit of CBD. Each bottle has a variety of colors and they to taste a bit different, but all of them taste great. This makes them easy to ingest and fun too.

Quality: 4.5 Stars

The CBD in these gummies are sourced from Europe, but at a high quality. It’s extracted from non-GMO organic hemp that is EU certified. The gummies themselves are made in America, and filled with 15mg of CBD in each and contain no THC or any other compound. 3rd party lab results available on their website.

Customer Support: 4 Stars

Hemp Bombs offers phone support Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm and a 30-day refund policy. They’re basic shipping is a little on the slow side, but they do offer 1-day shipping option at an added cost. As of this writing, there isn’t a live chat option, which is why we can only give them 4 stars.

Price: 5 Stars

They offer a package with as little as 5 gummies for $14.99, and one as big as 60 for $99.99. The average price for the big bottle is $1.66 a gummy, which is one of the best prices on the market. The flexibility of buying small or large amounts, and the great price for their 60-count package, especially for a 15mg CBD product, earns them high praise.

Overall: 4.625 Stars

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies come in at that sweet spot (pun intended), offering great taste at a great price. While their customer support could be a notch better, you can’t go wrong with picking them as your gummy of choice. Simply a very good quality product, and they also offer a higher potency version of their gummies that contain 25mg of CBD. You can feel confident picking some up, especially with their no-questions asked money-back guarantee.


Best CBD Gummies

#2: CBDfx Gummy Bears

This California-based company offers a variety of products with the emphasis firmly placed on quality and customer experience. They get their CBD from Europe, but take great pains to ensure it comes from ethically grown, organic hemp farming. These CBD gummies are 100% vegan and gluten free, which is something they are quite proud of. Although their gummies are just one in a full line of CBD products, they’re clearly among their most popular items. With good reason too!

Taste: 4 Stars

These are some very good tasting gummy bears. They’re berry flavored, and look and feel a lot like the type of bears you growing up. The texture is perfect, and they aren’t too sweet, but they do have a tiny bit of an aftertaste to them. Though they taste really good, they only come in this one flavor. It would be nice to have some variety, as the same gummy all the time can get boring, no matter how tasty.

Quality: 5 Stars

We have to hand it to CBDfx for the quality of their gummies. These are 100% vegan and gluten free bears that contain no corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. That’s right, no corn syrup! That’s almost unheard of, and attests the their emphasis on quality. These bears are made with full spectrum CBD oil and contain organic seaweed extract too.

Customer Support: 4.5 Stars

CBDfx provides great customer support, and that starts by offering you free shipping to all 50 states! We love that they have a live chat option so you can ask any questions that come to mind before or after your purchase. They also have a toll-free number and email support. The only knock here is that they don’t clearly list 3rd party lab results on their site. They do provide them to you via email if you ask, but why not make it easy and just put it up on the website?

Price: 4.5 Stars

At $59.99 for 60 gummies, these gummies are a great value. Each gummy comes with 5mg of CBD, which is a little on the low side. So while $1 per gummy is attractive, if you’re used to taking 10mg then it isn’t as affordable. They’re still a very good deal considering the quality of the ingredients used. A smaller pack of 8 gummies is available for $9.99 if you want to try just a few, but the bigger bottle is obviously a better value.

Overall: 4.5 Stars

We love these gummies and CBDfx scores highly in all of our categories. They aren’t our favorite in terms of flavor but they’re still yummy and do the job. You can’t beat the value and support at this price point. This is a company that is doing things right and wants to stay around for the long haul. You shouldn’t hesitate in picking up some CBDfx Gummy Bears and seeing for yourself why they’ve become some of our absolute favorite gummies.


Best CBD Gummies

#3: CBD Infusionz Gummies

Here’s another company that has really put a lot of their focus into edibles. The results are a wide variety of options, and some truly unique products that you won’t find anywhere else. Looking for vegan, gluten free CBD gummies? They’ve got ‘em. How about cherry cola gummies that will help you sleep? Yep, CBD Infusionz gives you that option too.

AM/PM: In fact, all of their gummies comes in either regular, PM, or AM versions. The PM versions add melatonin to help you sleep, while the AM versions add some caffeine. It’s a clever way to get everything in one bite, but if you are more of a CBD purist then just go for the regular.

Taste: 5 Stars

We could eat these gummies every day of the year. There are just so many different flavors and gummy options, that it’s basically like walking into an old fashioned gummy shop with those plastic bins. It’s hard to choose, but whatever you get will undoubtedly taste incredible. Same goes for these, plus the added benefits of CBD. It’s also great that they were able to replicate those great flavors in vegan form, so everyone can enjoy.

Quality: 4.5 Stars

Based in Colorado, we know CBD Infusionz is doing things the right way. They’re a member of the National Hemp Association and source their own CBD from hemp and have a family business type feel to them. The quality of their products show that, as you can taste the effort they put in. We knock them a little for not providing as extensive information about their hemp cultivation and extraction process compared to other brands. Yet there is no doubt that these are high quality products.

Customer Support: 4 Stars

They have a toll free number for support, as well as an email address that they’re good about replying quickly. The also have a help box on their website, but it’s less of a live chat and more of another avenue to send a message, which is disappointing. Their standard shipping option is cheap ($3.99), but it isn’t the quickest, so we have to ding them a bit for that too.

Price: 4 Stars

Their pricing system is based more on mg of CBD than actual gummy pieces. This means that a bag of 10 gummies will cost you $19.99 if they contain 50mgs of CBD, or 5 mg per gummy. Want 100mg? The price goes up to $29.99, but you still only get 10 gummies, yet now they contain twice as much CBD. Essentially, this means their lower mg gummies are on the expensive side, and their higher mg gummies are a nice value. There’s something to be said for doing it this way as it offers flexibility, but it can also get a tad confusing. We will say that it’s nice that they have uniform pricing across all of their different gummy products.

Overall: 4.375

CBD Infusionz isn’t as huge of a brand name as some others, but they aren’t trying to be. Their focus is clearly on quality products at a good price point. They cater to a wide variety of gummy fans and pretty much anybody can find a flavor and gummy shape to their liking. We’re big fans of their approach and here’s hoping that more CBD gummy fans will pick up on the great things happening at CBD Infusionz. Do yourself a favor and at least pick up their 99-cent sample pack to see what we’re raving about. Or better yet, purchase a full bag from one of the many CBD Infusionz Gummy Candy options they stock.


Best CBD Gummies

#4: Koi CBD’s Tropical Gummies

These gummies, as per their name, are tropical flavored. Koi CBD is another well-known brand within the world of CBD. They are more known for their CBD vape juice line and their CBD oils, but there are a few other products that are worth knowing about, and these gummies are one of them.

Taste: 5 Stars

Out of our 5 star rating system, these gummies should really get a 6 for taste. They are that good! It almost makes use want to go back and re-calculate the other taste scores. Truth is, the gummies that received 5 stars for taste deserved it. It’s just that Koi has taken it a step beyond. There are three different flavors in a bag (Lime, Tangerine, and Acai-Pomegranate), and each of them is sublime.

Quality: 4.5 Stars

This is a high quality product and you know that from both the feel and the information they provide. Koi’s products are certified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and are 100% free of THC and they list 3rd party lab results on their website. Koi’s CBD is what is called a spectrum, meaning there are terpenes in the mix (a tiny amount) to help add to the effect of the CBD. They also use a meticulous method of injecting CBD into their gummies to ensure proper and even distribution. Some companies merely coat their gummies in CBD oil, but Koi goes way above that.

Customer Support: 4.5 Stars

Koi offers their customers a wealth of information on their site, which is a nice plus. They also have a live chat feature, which is our favorite way to communicate with CBD companies. However, their return policy is a little unclear compared to some others and they don’t offer phone support. They do win big by giving you free shipping on orders over $35 as well as the option for faster shipping. Plus, if you’re a veteran they have a special discount program for you.

Price: 3 Stars

This is where Koi takes a big hit from us. They are far from the cheapest gummies around. We suppose creating such a high quality and flavorable product takes a lot of investment, but as it may you’ll find yourself paying a lot more per mg of CBD. At $29.99 for only 20 gummies, and at 5 mg per gummy, your dosage could add up quickly. They also don’t offer any larger packs that could bring the price down.

Overall: 4.25 Stars

This overall rating could vary depending on what your individual dosage of CBD is and how this product affects you. By this we mean, if you only need one gummy, it’s not so bad cost-wise. This may be the case due to the makeup of the gummy, even though it is rather low in mgs of CBD. Otherwise you’re looking at a product that taste amazing but is about 1/3 less CBD compared to others, for the same or more money. Despite that, it’s worth getting your hands on at least one bag to taste Koi CBD Tropical Gummies  for yourself and see if you can manage the price to taste/quality trade-off.


Best CBD Gummies

#5: CBD Living Gummies

Here’s a company that is trying to break the mold when it comes to CBD. Their primary product is CBD Living Water. They’ve harnessed the power of nano technology to size CBD down to particles that are 1 millionth of their normal size. That’s how they’re able to create CBD water.

They also claim that this nano hemp extract delivers immediate bioavailability, and in essence gets that CBD working quicker and more effectively in your body. They use the same technology for their vast edibles product line. That includes their gummies, which is what we’re going to review here.

Taste: 4.5 Stars

This is a really nice tasting gummy, with both good texture and good flavor. As some others have done, CBD Living has really modeled these after traditional gummy bears. They’ve done a good job getting them to look and feel that way. These are your no-frills gummy bears, but sometimes the old classics are simply the best way to go. They do also offer a sour version of these, but we liked the original better anyway.

Quality: 4 Stars

Where some companies pride themselves in their ability to give you pure CBD with nothing else added, CBD Living boasts the opposite. Their concoction adds D-Ribose, COQ10, and Methyl B12 to their so-called nano CBD. These additives are supposed to help do things such as boost your metabolism and decrease muscle fatigue. The quality seems top notch and certainly did the job, although we aren’t sure it worked better than other CBD mix. Perhaps the improved results come after consistent use. We also knock it down a bit due to the lack of information of where their CBD is actually sourced.

Customer Support: 3.5 Stars

This would have to be the one area where CBD Living comes up short when looking at the top CBD gummies brands. They do list a toll-free number on their website, but no hours are listed and there is no live chat available. Their message submission form states that they will try to get back to you within 48 hours. In this day and age, that simply pales in comparison to the competition.

Price: 5 Stars

A bottle of CBD Living Gummies is $40 and that comes with 30 gummies. At $1.33 per gummy that is a great deal, especially at 10mg of CBD per gummy. It’s hard to judge their 10mg of “nano” CBD compared to higher mg gummies, but you still get a lot for your money here regardless. There’s a smaller big that will give you 10 gummies for $20, but your cost-per-gummy is much better when you buy a bottle.

Overall: 4.25 Stars

We have to hand it the folks over at CBD Living for setting themselves apart, both with their technology and their product line. They’re almost futuristic in their approach, but that future is now. Their other products, such as CBD Water, are simply fascinating in potential, but don’t overlook their gummies. They’re a good quality option at a very good price, and you’ll be happy when you receiving your own bottle of CBD Living Gummies.


That rounds out our top 5 CBD gummies of 2018. This year was a difficult one and many good gummies were left on the drawing board (which we later ate, because it’s made of candy). Rest assured that we’ll feature more CBD gummies from great brands throughout the year. Be on the lookout for those product reviews and any updates on our fab 5 of 2018.

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