Every once in a while, we come across a brand that redefines our idea of what’s possible for California cannabis. Jungle Boys might not be for everyone based on budget alone, but this producer sets the standard for exactly what cannabis flower should be if the price is no object. Let’s explore the top 10 benefits of Jungle Boys ultra-premium cannabis flower.

1. It’s the wholesomest, best-tasting flower around

We’ve smoked a lot of different buds over the years. Some of them we’re even embarrassed about, but we’ll never regret smoking a single nug of Jungle Boys. After being around cannabis for a while, you develop a sort of sixth sense for quality that’s an amalgamation of all your smoking experiences put together.

Jungle Boys set our “stoner senses” tingling immediately, and they haven’t calmed down ever since. You can tell that a true dedication to the craft goes into Jungle Boys flower that’s most strikingly apparent in the flavor.

  • Full, rich flavor profile
  • Every bud is perfectly cured
  • The flavor of each strain is brought out perfectly
  • It helps that Jungle Boys strains are expertly bred

2. Jungle Boys is a true California cannabis success story

With big business making its way into cannabis everywhere you look, Jungle Boys is a prime example of a company deeply rooted in California’s THC culture. Formed by a group of close-knit friends and dispensary-owners, Jungle Boys offers premium recreational flower while still operating its original medical dispensary.

  • Founded and owned by Ivan Vanorwick
  • Also owns successful TLC medical dispensary
  • Jungle Boys is a recreational brand and 21+ cannabis shop
  • Famous throughout LA

3. There are lots of amazing strains

In the modern cannabis industry, strains have become almost as irrelevant as brand names. A strain is, though, and should be a unique form of cannabis that offers distinct benefits.

Jungle Boys is a best-case scenario in this regard since this company breeds its own phenotypes of connoisseur strains. As a rare example of a recreational producer that still has access to the unparalleled breeding infrastructure of a medical cannabis collective, Jungle Boys has the potential to set the standard for a better cannabis future in California and beyond.

4. Killer strain A: Hippy Crasher

Let’s start our rundown of the best strains Jungle Boys has to offer with Hippy Crasher. A cross of Wedding Cake and Kush Mints, this connoisseur hybrid strain delivers exactly the types of flavors and effects you’d expect from top-shelf THC flower.

5. Killer strain B: Sin Mints

Jungle Boys nugs often push 30% THC. Sin Mints is one of this producer’s strongest strains even if it’s a practically unheard-of cross of Forum Cut GSC and Blue Power.

6. Killer strain C: Space Age Cake

Space Age Cake is our favorite Jungle Boys strain right now. Jungle Boys seems to have a thing for Forum Cut GSC since Space Age Cake is yet another cross of this boutique strain and Snow Lotus.

7. Some strains are house-bred

Jungle Boys goes out of its way to secure the best-bred phenotypes of each strain it offers. If there aren’t any acceptable phenotypes currently available, they breed their own. That’s the true beauty of continuing to operate a medical cannabis facility even after pivoting toward recreational: breeding is much easier to accomplish with a network of patients, allowing Jungle Boys to deliver pinpoint-bred strains that get full marks on flavor, potency, and crystallization.

8. Jungle Boys buds are slathered in crystals

We’ve already mentioned how beautiful Jungle Boys buds look, but it’s worth underscoring the point yet again. This is exactly what top-shelf bud should look like, and it’s even more covered with trichomes than we would have thought possible.

9. They offer long-lasting effects

We aren’t sure exactly what it is about top-shelf bud that makes it more potent. Perhaps it’s the specific array of terpenes, or maybe the “Spirit of the Bud” is just happier with better treatment.

Whatever the case may be, Jungle Boys weed proved itself truly top-shelf by knocking us off our feet for a seemingly absurd amount of time. You just aren’t supposed to get this high from flower.

10. Jungle Boys flower is worth every cent

Yes, $55 for an eighth is high. All legal weed in California remains expensive, though, and most producers try to accommodate by reducing quality down to the bare minimum.

Jungle Boys hasn’t given up on the dream of legal, high-quality California cannabis, though. Just like the ever-verdant jungles along California’s golden coasts, Jungle Boys exemplifies everything that’s still good about California within the microcosm of recreational cannabis.

What is Jungle Boys flower?

Jungle Boys premium cannabis flower is some of the best high-THC cannabis currently available in the California market. You don’t come across buds these good every day, and Jungle Boys strains like Sin Mints, Space Age Cake, and Hippy Crasher continue to impress even the most jaded LA stoners.

Is Jungle Boys a good brand?

Yes, Jungle Boys is our pick for the #1 California cannabis flower brand. This producer’s nugs are simply a cut above offerings from other producers, and it’s the ethos Jungle Boys brings to the table that truly sets them apart.

What are the best Jungle Boys strains?

Based on our experience, Hippy Crasher, Space Age Cake, and Sin Mints are the current all-stars of the Jungle Boys lineup. Already amazing strains in their own right, the hidden powers of each cultivar are brought to their full potential by Jungle Boys and their expert cultivation.

Can I buy Jungle Boys stock?

Jungle Boys isn’t publicly traded. As a result, you can’t buy stock in this company. If you’re interested in potential investment opportunities, though, you can always give contacting Jungle Boys a shot.

Who is the Jungle Boys’ owner?

Jungle Boys has been owned by Ivan Vanorwick since its founding in 2006. As one of California’s most excellent family-owned cannabis brands, Jungle Boys proves you can do it on your own with the right ethos and smart business planning.